Fluid Line Fittings

QUICK CONNECT/disconnect fluid line fittings offer a host of benefits for racer and street enthusiasts alike. The ability to snap lines on and off quickly and safely eliminates nasty problems such as thread stripping and cross-threading, over-tightening, forgetting to tighten, rounding the hex and scratching the surface finish.

In the past the high cost of these type fitting have put them on the ‘wish list’ for many budget minded builders. Those concerns are history thanks to the introduction of a sophisticated, high-tech line of Jiffy-Tite quick connect fluid fittings.

Once installed, Jiffy-Tite connections require no tools and simply install by pulling back the socket collar, inserting the plug and releasing the collar. To disconnect simply pull back on the collar and the spring loaded valve seals and disconnects.

Valved technology on both the socket and plug provide a 100 percent leak proof and minimal flow restriction for virtually any fuel, water, oil or transmission fluid currently in use.

For complete details visit: www.mckenzies.com

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