Feed The Children Charity Ride

What happens when you mix two great runs into one? You end up with double the fun.

THE TRIBE OF Judah Motorcycle Ministry had organised this run as a fund raiser for the Feed The Children charity. Not a poker run, or a roll the dice run, just a $10 donation and a damn good ride which took in some great roads and a couple of welcome pubs along the way. Nice and simple! The Tribe Of Judah are well versed when it comes to supplying much needed tucker to those less fortunate than ourselves, and on an average week they distribute some 80 tonnes (yes TONNES!) of much needed food to the needy. 

As an added bonus, a scheduled ride by the United Motorcycle Council of Queensland (UMCQ) incorporated taking part in the charity run before heading back to a huge party at the Vietnam Veterans MC club-grounds, a live band and the chance to win a new Harley! Doesn’t get much better than that!

The tickets for the raffle were $50 each and there was only 1000 tickets to be sold. I was beginning to weigh up the odds… should I lash out and buy a ticket and maybe ride home on Sunday on a flash new hog or should I hang onto my dough and save it for a few more drinks back at the party… hmm. To cut a long story short, I left the Bunker the next morning on the same Harley I rode in there on with a nice new rip-roaring hangover. Oh well, shit happens, back to the ride…

The skies were crystal clear as we headed down the M1 to the departure point at the Tribe Of Judah club-grounds in Kingston. Things were starting to heat up rapidly by the time we arrived at about 11 am and the first order of the day was to find some shade and cool down. The humidity was summed up by one punter who likened it to Bin Laden’s armpit.

The 12 noon departure was a welcome relief as the riders formed up to head off on the first part of the ride which led us out onto the Logan Motorway bound for the Commercial Hotel in Harrisville.

Feed The Childrens Charity Ride Ozbike 7

After a couple of pesky traffic lights it was all smooth sailing as the 400 strong pack re-grouped and snaked its way through the lush countryside at a moderate pace. 

The bikes rolled into Harrisville and quickly took up both sides of the street. Riders headed for cover again from the harsh sun; the pub was serving up lunch and cold beers and the shops across the road were selling out of water and soft drinks in no time flat as hundreds of bikers took refuse under the old shop front awnings.

Close on an hour later and we were back on the bikes, with a blip on the throttle and a nod of the head, we were off and running, southbound on the Ipswich/Boonah Road to our second destination for the day.

The Canungra Hotel was another welcome oasis for the parched riders and the beer flowed freely for near on an hour after our arrival (all in moderation of course).

Feed The Childrens Charity Ride Ozbike 16

The next scheduled stop was to be the Nerang Hotel. This didn’t eventuate for one reason or another so from Canungra we made our way back to the VVMC’s clubhouse for the finale of a perfect day out on the bikes. The DJ was pumping out some good old tunes, the beers were going down a treat and the weather had cooled down a bit as the riders rolled through the front gate of the Bunker.

Feed The Childrens Charity Ride Ozbike 17

The Bootleggers took the stage at around 6.30 pm and got the party kick-started in fine form. Some partiers were up and dancing, but most opted to stay seated in close proximity to the bar and replace any lost fluids. It was great to see the smiles and hear the laughs as the road tales were related amongst the crowd and it was also a buzz to see the patch clubs mixing with each other, like it used to be in the good old days.

There were some lovely young nymphs getting around the crowd selling the remaining tickets in the Harley raffle. I still abstained but I must say that their ticket selling skills were second to none (their uniforms weren’t too shabby either). The raffle was drawn at 8.30 pm and you could have heard a pin drop as the winner’s name was drawn from the barrel. The lucky bastard wasn’t there and when Chris from Morgan & Wacker tried to call the bloke to tell him the good news, he got an answering machine. After a few calls of “Re-draw” everyone laughed it off and got back into the party at hand.

All up it was a great day! The Tribe of Judah and the UMCQ did an awesome job of organising the ride and full points go to the VVMC for playing host to the after-party. A special thanks goes out to Chris from Morgan & Wacker, Gold Coast, for following the run with the raffle bike strapped into the ute. Another top ride and another unified display by the UMCQ; things certainly have changed in the motorcycle community of late. But they have to change more! To find out more about the UMCQ and social membership go to www.umcinc.com.au. It’s our right to take part in rides like this and it’s a right worth fighting for!

Pics by Jo & Danny 666; words by Chuck U Farley

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