Enclosed Belt Drive Kits

PRIMO’S BRUTE II Extreme belt drives kits are designed to fit into stock 1936 — 1984 primary housings. Either aluminium primaries or so called ‘tin’ stamped steel primary housings. Brute II Extreme kits feature the ultra severe duty 1 1/2″ wide, 11 mm pitch Kevlar polychain belt. All kits can be used with an OEM style or aftermarket dry clutch.

Three different belt drive kits are available: one for the 1936 — 1954 models with tapered sprocket shaft; one for the 1955 — 1964 kit for splined sprocket shaft (both kits feature a 33 tooth front and 49 tooth rear pulley); the last belt drive kit is for 1965 — 1984 models feature a 34 tooth front and 49 tooth rear pulley and a choice of kick or electric start.

Now available through your Zodiac Dealer

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