Edge Cut Harley-Davidson Breakout Speedster

“…you can’t ride this thing without doing a burn-out and that’s not showing off — it’s just me having some fun.”

THIS IS my first Harley; my old man used to own a 1998 Softail Springer and ever since I saw it, I loved it and had to have one of my own. A year and a half ago my mate and I went and bought Harleys together. I got this Softail Breakout and he bought a Dyna; totally different bikes; totally different tastes.

I rode it around right away, but within two weeks, I already had parts ready to bolt on. I started with little cosmetic stuff in the garage with my mates, like grips, mirrors, pegs, brakes, and all the little bolt-on stuff, but then I got a chance to purchase the ProCharger off a mate of mine, Christian, who also helped me put it on. It came off a 2008 Softail Heritage which he was selling; he had dismantled the ProCharger and offered to sell it to me — I couldn’t let that opportunity up.

There were a few minor things we had to change because it was for a Heritage which meant we were back and forth contacting America to get parts but they were great and very helpful.

The standard Breakout 240 back wheel made a difference because the Heritage is only 160 or 180, so I had to offset where it runs off my crank for the ProCharger to work.

It’s a stock front-end with a 23-inch Revel wheel by Performance Machine; the back wheel is 18 by eight-and-a-half.

The ProCharger was originally fully chromed, but because of the black and chrome look I was going for, it was a better option to paint some parts of it black.

It’s running a stock Harley ignition; SE255 Screamin’ Eagle cams which my mate from Brown Industries in Warners Bay put in; it has bigger injectors supplied by ProCharger; but otherwise, it’s pretty much a direct bolt-on kit.

I’ve got Edge Cut hand-grips by H-D; Performance Machine brakes; standard handlebars and oil tank; Danny Grey seat; RWD wrap-around guard that’s been painted gloss black; and a front light from Jason’s Garage on it.

It has 140 horsepower running six-pounds of boost. Jamie at Sport Cycles in Gateshead put it on the dyno. It’s a fun bike to ride — you can’t ride this thing without doing a burn-out and that’s not showing off — it’s just me having some fun.

I haven’t done too many long trips on it just yet; Coffs Harbour is probably the furthest I’ve taken it; so far no dramas. It was fun riding with the boys up there for an overnight trip.

I’d like to say a big thanks to Mum and the Missus for putting up with me on this project; and to my close mate, Christian, for helping me with it; and also to Jason’s Garage for making my Breakout a 100 percent complete bike.

Words by Chris; photos by George

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