Ebony Chrome Custom Wheels

NUMEROUS FORMS of simulated black chrome have been around for years but never has it been perfected to the point that it looks like, acts like, and is, in fact, true black chrome with all the features and durability of traditional chrome. That is until Renegade set their chemists to work on developing what they are calling Ebony Chrome. After several years of intense research and testing, Renegade has announced they are offering their exotic Elite series of wheels, pulleys and sprockets finished in this revolutionary finish.

Ebony Chrome is true chrome with a smoky tint in its chemical make up. It is not a surface treatment or easily damaged colouring. Ebony Chrome is as durable as chrome, and can be polished without dulling or damaging the finish. In the past, for so called black chrome to have even minimal life expectancy, it was relegated to show machines that were seldom run and cleaned with ultra soft, baby diaper like materials and non toxic glass cleaner or the like. Thanks to Renegade those days are gone forever.

black chrome wheels

For details of the entire Renegade lineup, call Rollies Speed Shop: 07-3252-5381.

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