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Ducati Diavel Diesel with Ceramic Exhaust

HEAT management specialist Zircotec is supplying the tough black ceramic coating for the exhaust pipes and silencers of the limited edition Ducati Diavel Diesel, a collaboration between the Ducati Design Center and fashion house Diesel.

The stunning special edition model is limited to just 666 individually numbered machines, in keeping with the name Diavel which is Italian for ‘devil’, and the matt black exhaust system is an integral ingredient in the overall style.

“Our successful relationship with Ducati now spans a number of models,” said Zircotec Group Sales Director Graeme Barette.

“Our patented smooth black ceramic coating provides a highly durable and attractive finish that forms part of the bike’s overall styling, whist also offering thermal protection to reduce heat soak, avoid damage to components close to the exhaust, and potentially improve performance and reliability.”

The ceramic motorcycle exhaust coating provides a strongly adherent and hard wearing finish that is highly resistant to stone chips and significantly outlasts aftermarket paints.

Available in a number of colours, the range presents manufacturers with a new form of customisation that is durable, good looking and easy to maintain, and offering a route by which a motorcycle exhaust system can be remodelled to match overall styling needs.

In the case of the Diavel Diesel, the aim was to explore original stylistic and technical aspects while staying within the Ducati brand and fully respecting its values, according to Claudio Domenicali Ducati Motor Holding CEO.

“We worked with Diesel on an already uniquely original bike, the Diavel, and the result was surprising to put it mildly. The details characterizing the Diavel Diesel cannot fail to captivate connoisseurs of special bikes but also people from different walks of life, such as fashion,” he said.

The Ducati Diavel Diesel’s own website ( refers to the significance of the Zircotec coated exhaust within the overall styling theme, and further details of Zircotec’s advanced coating technologies can be found on the website at


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