CVO Tri-Glide is the Ultimate Trike

THE new CVO Tri Glide model joins the CVO Limited and CVO Street Glide models in the 2020 portfolio of limited production, super-premium motorcycles from the Harley-Davidson Custom Vehicle Operations program. Designed to be the ultimate touring trike, the 2020 CVO Tri-Glide model is the first three-wheel motorcycle to wear a CVO badge.

The first CVO Tri-Glide model is a super-premium trike that screams “ultimate three-wheeler” and offers distinctive style, powerful performance and long-haul touring capability.

Designed from the wheels up for a three-wheeled motorcycle, the Tri-Glide chassis delivers confident stability, a comfortable ride and easy handling. Premium touring suspension features front forks with dual bending valve internal technology and emulsion technology rear suspension with a single-knob pre-load adjustment to dial in the ride to match luggage and passenger load. An integrated trunk offers 4.4 cubic feet and 50 pounds of storage capacity and is topped by a Tour-Pak luggage carrier.

The CVO Tri-Glide model is equipped with the Trike-specific Reflex Defensive Rider Systems (RDRS).

Select custom features of the CVO Tri-Glide include:

Tomahawk Contrast Cut cast aluminium wheels (front 19-inch and rear 18-inch diameter).

Kahuna Collection accessories: heated rider grips, pegs, rider and passenger floorboards, and muffler tips.

All LED Lighting: Daymaker headlamp, fog lamps, tail/brake lamps and signals.

Colour-matched painted fairing duct.

Low-Profile windshield.

Clean front fender is trimmed to expose more of the custom front wheel.

Power locking trunk with interior light.

Heated rider and passenger seat covers.

Ventilator air cleaner and air cleaner insert.

Lighted hand controls.

Tour-Pak carrier dome light.

Tour-Pak carrier rack.

CVO motorcycle custom-fit luggage and a trunk organiser.

CB radio.

The CVO Tri-Glide is offered in two paint options:

Blizzard White with a three-stripe graphic pattern and Grey Contrast Cut wheels and bright chrome finishes.

Black Stardust with a three-stripe graphic pattern and Gloss Black Contrast Cut wheels and bright chrome finishes.

Base price for the 2020 CVO Tri-Glide is $73,250 AUD / $78,995 NZD.

New CVO Motorcycle Technology

Reflex Defensive Rider Systems (RDRS): Standard equipment on all 2020 CVO models, RDRS is a new collection of technology designed to match motorcycle performance to available traction during acceleration, deceleration and braking, utilising the latest chassis control, electronic brake control and powertrain technology.

Daymaker Adaptive LED Headlamp: Standard on the CVO Limited and CVO Street Glide models, Daymaker Adaptive is the most-advanced headlamp system ever developed for a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Patented sensors and electronics integrated into the headlamp control 12 additional LED lights that activate based on the lean of the bike to project light into corners, illuminating areas of the road that are unlit by traditional LED headlamps. The adaptive light feature works in both the high and low-beam functions. The projector-style LED beam pattern is focused on the road ahead and is engineered to reduce wasted light that can impact oncoming traffic. A signature LED light outer ring operates as a position lamp.

Wireless Headset: All 2020 CVO models are shipped a single Boom! Audio 30K Bluetooth Helmet Headset designed for cordless interface with the Boom! Box GTS infotainment system. This new headset features the latest wireless communication technology — Mesh Intercom Network. The protocol automatically connects to a near limitless number of riders while in public mode; no more lost group connections when someone goes out of range. The headset can connect with up to 16 riders in private mode up to 5 miles (8.05 km), and enables the same functions as a wired headset (CB, phone, navigation prompts, radio and audio, with voice commands) and fulfills the Apple Car Play microphone requirement for the Boom! Box GTS. A Quick Charge feature can provide up to five hours of additional talk time with a 20-minute charge.

Exclusive Milwaukee-Eight 117 Power

The largest-displacement factory-installed engine available from Harley-Davidson, the Milwaukee-Eight 117 (117 CID; 1923 cc) is rated at 125 ft. lbs. of torque.

A 10.2:1 compression ratio (compared to 10.0:1 for Milwaukee-Eight 114
engine) helps increase torque.

A high-performance camshaft is matched to displacement and air flow.

A high-performance intake flows more air into the engine.

Retains all Milwaukee-Eight engine features:

Dual counter-balancers cancel primary vibration at idle for improved rider and
passenger comfort.

Four valve cylinder heads (two exhaust and two intake valves per head, eight
total); Improved airflow through the engine contributes to power output.

Dual spark plugs for more complete combustion of the air/fuel charge and
maximised power and efficiency.

Single camshaft reduces mechanical noise so a richer exhaust tone can

Advanced cylinder head design, dual knock sensors, and precision cooling allow a higher compression ratio for increased torque output and strong acceleration.

V-Twin design with 45-degree cylinder angle maintains classic Harley-Davidson look-sound-feel.

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