Commemorative Plaques

COURAGE. Mateship. Endurance. Sacrifice. These words are carved into granite on the Kokoda Trail.

If you feel anything like me, then you too believe that both our leaders could not give a rat’s razoo for our Vietnam Veterans coming home to be repatriated and finally laid to rest in Australian soil. These men gave up their lives for their mates, family and country so that we can have the freedom we experience today—and our leaders were ‘too busy’ to welcome our boys home.

I would love everyone to buy one of these Commemorative Plaques to show your patriotism for these men and women who died for our country.

By displaying one of these Commemorative Plaques, you are not saying which party you support. You are not saying what football creed you support. You are not saying what religion you support.

You are saying to everyone that you stand by our soldiers in Courage. Mateship. Endurance. Sacrifice; that you respect and thank the forefathers of our great country; and that nothing or nobody will take it away from us.

When you see one of these Commemorative Plaques on another bike, or vehicle, there is a instant bond and honour, and respect, to stand together for the freedom of this great country, Australia.

These Commemorative Plaques are made of an eighth-of-an-inch stainless steel. They retail for $100 plus GST plus postage. For more info call Martin McCann: 0429-059-964


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