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COLONY NOT only produces the most extensive line-up of hardware kits and replacement parts for new Harleys, but it is also continually adding new items to its very impressive collection of restoration supplies for classic and vintage Harleys.

Mainstream Colony parts are bolts, nuts, screws, washers. These are all made to exacting specifications from all the correct materials. Hardware is made for stock as well as custom applications and is available in brilliant chrome or cadmium plating. Components for restoration projects are available in original finishes such as parkerizing and cadmium, as well as chrome. Colony also supplies all sorts of filler plugs, drain plugs, covers, clips, pushrod tubes, carburetor parts, electrical components, obsolete inlet manifolds and related parts, to mention just a few items.

In this article I will try to cover the newer items that have come along recently.


These #2349-6 handlebar mounts are for 1973 and up Big Twins and Sportsters. The inserts are made from high density poly (white) and offer stiffer construction than the standard rubber bushings, giving the handlebars a more precise feel without being totally rigid. The standard rubber bushings (black) are also available to renew the stock feel to worn and sloppy rubbers. I’ve also included two versions of the cupped washers used to retain either type of bushing.


Engine builders assembling generator motors into S&S or similar aftermarket crankcases are now able to take advantage of the correct screws to install stock cam covers and lifter blocks. These screws are ¼ inch x 20 instead of the ¼ inch x 24 threads used by Harley prior to 1970. They also feature the correct countersink angle with a raised and slotted head.


Colony is always adding to their collection of specialised tools and have just introduced a range of stud installers and removers.

The main advantage of these simple but very effective devices is that they don’t damage the stud like most stud extractors and can be set for desired amount of stud protrusion so that all stud lengths are identical after installation. Available in all the thread sizes you are likely to come across on Harley engines and transmissions.


Another very specialised tool is this low profile socket for installing the shallow section top fork tube nut. A one-inch ring spanner can be used to remove or install this nut without damaging the chrome plating. Check out the attention to detail—an O-ring is set into the socket to protect the plating on the top nut.


The lineup of hardware to mount disc brake rotors, sprockets, pulleys and brake drums is very impressive indeed. The newest addition just happens to be the earliest application of these brake-related fasteners—the wheel socket set screw used on star hubs.

These Allen keys secure both front and rear brake drums to all Big Twin wheel hubs from 1938 right through to 1972. Available in parkerised finish as well as chrome, they will also fit the rear brake drum of the WL’s and WLA’s.


Bare brake drum, recently de-chromed for restoration, showing application for brake drum mounting screws.

Introduced to the Colony inventory for the first time are three restoration books. These very detailed volumes include all aspects of restoration.

Harley-Davidson 1930—1936 Big Twins covers the VL series and is a wealth of knowledge regarding these largely forgotten but now highly sought after models. Very little information relating to these machines has been available and this book certainly makes up for it.

A Restoration Guide for 1929—1936 45 Inch Twins covers the very beginning of the 45 inch models which are the ancestors of the Sportster. Filled with facinating information and facts necessary when trying to restore one of these unique motorcycles.

How To Restore Your Harley-Davidson is not new on the scene, but it is by far the best source of information for people who want to restore or research a Harley built between 1937 and 1964. It contains 640 pages and covers 1937—1947 Knuckleheads, 1948—1964 Panheads, 1937—1948 Big Twin Side-Valves, 1937—1952 45” Solo, and 1937—1963 Servi-car.

For any further information regarding the Colony product range please call Redgrave Motorcycles (02-9484-9955) and we will be happy to advise the best options for your particular application. We will send you a free catalogue on request and direct you to your nearest dealer.

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