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COLONY produces the most extensive line up of hardware kits and replacement parts for new Harleys.
In this article I will add a few more of the newer items that I couldn’t fit in last issue.

High-tech Torx drive fasteners are gradually replacing Allen keys in important areas such as brakes and Colony is quick to respond with a superb version of these. As this bike has billet hubs to accommodate 80 stainless steel spokes it uses the 9818-5 kit which also covers mag and billet wheels where the screws thread directly into boss of the wheel. Similar kits are also available with nuts where discs and pulleys are mounted to flanges as in the standard Harley spoked wheels.

An area that Colony has covered extensively is the pushrod and pushrod tube department. Colony reproduces all the stock application OHV pushrod tubes from Knuckleheads through to Twin Cams.

Also readily available are conversion kits where the standard pushrod tubes leave no room for setting adjustable pushrods. A kit worth taking a look at is the # 2148-8. This kit is a direct replacement for Twin Cam owners who change cams and want adjustable pushrods. The kit includes just the parts necessary to do the conversion—the shorter Evolution lower tubes and longer top clips to compensate; the original upper inner tubes as well as the centre covers washers and springs can all be reused to complete the setup.

Table: Linkert venturi application chart. (page 62 Colony catalogue)

Carburetor venturis are a welcome addition to the extensive Colony range of parts for the Linkert family of carburetors. The correct venture is critical to optimum carb performance. Older Linkert carburetors may have the wrong venturi fitted or it may be missing altogether. These precision machined aluminium venturis are made to exacting tolerances for perfect fit and as new performance for all model Harley-Davidsons 1930—1965.

Just some of the many pieces Colony produces to keep these wonderful carburetors alive: mounting brackets, fuel filters, air cleaner screws and clips, mounting bolts, float bowl nut and much more.

Introduced to the Colony inventory for the first time are three restoration books. These very detailed volumes include all aspects of restoration.

Harley-Davidson 1930—1936 Big Twins covers the VL series and is a wealth of knowledge regarding these largely forgotten but now highly sought after models. Very little information relating to these machines has been available and this book certainly makes up for it.

A Restoration Guide for 1929—1936 45” Twins covers the very beginning of the 45” models which are the ancestors of the Sportster. Filled with facinating information and facts necessary when trying to restore one of these unique motorcycles.

How To Restore Your Harley-Davidson is not new on the scene, but it is by far the best source of information for people who want to restore or research a Harley built between 1937 and 1964. It contains 640 pages and covers 1937—1947 Knuckleheads, 1948—1964 Panheads, 1937—1948 Big Twin Side-Valves, 1937—1952 45” Solo, and 1937—1963 Servi-car.

For any further information regarding the Colony product range please call Redgrave Motorcycles (02-9484-9955) and we will be happy to advise the best options for your particular application. We will send you a free catalogue on request and direct you to your nearest dealer.

words & pics by Richard @ Redgrave Motorcycles

Author: Skol Wiggins


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