Climax Handlebar Controls

THE MOST difficult part of building a custom motorcycle is keeping every aspect of the project clean. Many expensive builds are ruined by an untidy mess of control cables, hoses and wiring hanging from the handlebars. Zodiac has solved this problem by introducing completely assembled Climax Handlebar Controls.

All the electric wiring, hydraulic fluid lines and push-pull throttle cables are hidden in these show chromed handlebars, exiting below the top plate. Even the clutch and brake fluid reservoirs are totally undetectable yet easily accessible under the grips. The CNC machined billet controls have a luster chrome finish, contain a total of 7 switches to operate all possible functions and include an EZ-Pull throttle lock for those long cruises.

Choose from different styles of fat 1.25 inch handlebars that accommodate stock to full-blown chopper applications, including systems for V-Rods. Different grip choices and optional digital gauge options from Wire-Plus and Dakota Digital make each handlebar a unique custom look and solve the ‘clean handlebar’ dilemma with one complete package.

Creative minds can make their own handlebars from 1.25 inch tubing and use the Climax Hand Control Only system which includes everything except the handlebars and risers.

All Climax Hand Controls and Climax Handlebar/ Control systems come fully assembled and ready to install. Only a small selection of Climax Handlebars and Control Systems are shown, contact your Zodiac dealer from more information.

Anatomy of the controls
1. Twist grip works as hi/low beam switch
2. Reservoir fill plug, funnel to allow filling included
3. Horn switch
4. Left turn signal switch
5. Mirror mount
6. Off/run switch
7. Start switch
8. Right turn signal switch
9. Throttle lock
10. Hidden brake light switch

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  1. I have a set of you bars on a custom my dad built 10yrs ago, theres a black control box it seems to be fried can I get a replacement or do I need to replace the bars?

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