Chameleon Dyna to Shine

LIKE MANY a rider before him, Geoff’s interest in motorcycles came about through a simmering dissatisfaction with cars.

“I had an HZ ute with a 55 series Land Cruiser chassis and a 307 Chevy motor that I’d entered into a few shows,” he told us, “but I had trouble driving it because there was no suspension and that bothered an old back injury; I decided to get rid of it and get onto a bike.”

Around the time he was thinking about all this, his mate Phil decided it was time to retire his Dyna. Knowing the bike’s background was enough to convince Geoff that it was well worth the asking price, the only problem being a dent in the tank that gave him an immediate and welcome excuse to start customising.

The Chameleon paint job was the beginning point, after Adelaide’s K&M Motorcycles pointed him in the direction of painter Daniel Stone in Hackham, while Clinton Poke of Airbrush Venturi takes credit for the Indian motif. Geoff describes this as a real personal touch as the original of the tank’s artwork was tattooed shoulder to shoulder across his back 10 years ago by Ray Adams at Christies Beach.

“I like the way the paint changes colour—you can go outside and you know which bike is yours by the paint job. It’s a straight paint job, normal spraying on, but the Chameleon really stands out because every bike you see is either red, blue, or black—and I wanted to stand out from the crowd.”

Being aware of his limitations as a mechanic, Geoff happily acknowledges an early (and wise) decision to “leave it to the experts.” Another friend recommended K&M Motorcycles in Richmond, one of Adelaide’s longest established Harley businesses, and they came up with the goods.

“They were brilliant. I was happy with the work, and they came up with some good ideas.”

Dale was responsible for the engine, with Matt and Chris doing the assembly.

Progressive rear shocks and front springs make for a more comfortable ride, especially when combined with the new LePera seat.

A Crane Hi Roller 316 cam, and a Mikuni HSR 42 carby further enhance the smooth and powerful ride.

Chromemasters took care of the chrome work, although Geoff intends for them to fully chrome the motor before much longer.

“You can’t just enter the same bike in shows year in, year out, without any changes so I thought I’d start with a paint job then move on to chroming up the motor and making a few other changes.”

Billet forward controls and cats-eye mirrors along with a Fat Bob rear guard make it look that bit sharper, and the Dragway four-spot front caliper adds the necessary stopping power.

With a couple of wins under his belt—Best Bike at the Kangaroo Island Motor Fest and Best Custom Paint at Berri—Geoff’s next plan is “to chrome the motor and maybe chop it a bit more; extend the forks. But then I plan to get another bike next year to do up, so I dunno yet, I’ll see what takes my fancy.”

In the mean time, Geoff’s enjoying what he’s already got. The bike has “plenty of power and I love riding it. It handles well and rides well. I’ve been all through the South East, Wallaroo, Pt Augusta, and Berri. I try to ride every day, doesn’t matter whether it’s alone or with a group of friends.”

words & pics by Chris Randells

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