Belly Harley-Davidson Rocker C Build

MY customised Harley-Davidson Rocker C has been a work-in-progress over the last seven years since l bought it. Most of the work has been carried out by Colin at Geelong Harley. Here is a list of the modifications:

Custom paint from Shannon at Pro Finish in Geelong.
RC Components rims; 23” front, 18” rear.
Custom triple trees 2” wider
4”-over length fork tubes
Chrome swingarm and oil tank.
Custom front and rear guards.
Ultima hand controls and headlight.
Custom 2” drag-bars.
3” Rivera Primo open primary.
Custom seat by Con at CKT Trimming Melbourne.
ThunderMax auto tuner.
Vance & Hines short shots.
SMT grips and footpegs.
H-D forward controls.
Braided lines.
LED front indicators.
Shotgun air ride.

DARREN BELL, Geelong, Vic.

New Panhead Leaks

WHEN I saw on the internet the S&S replica motors from yesteryear, I thought bloody great — someone is finally bringing back what Harleys were all about. So, having a 1997 Heritage Springer that is based on 1949/51 Panhead Springer, I decided to buy a Panhead motor from S&S.

The Panhead engine bolted straight in with no problems. It looked fuckin’ great too.

I set off for Warrick via the Tenterfield Ranges and then to Brisbane; it was a easy trip. Arriving home I noticed I had a friggen oil leak. With closer inspection, I noticed the oil was leaking from the rocker boxes.

“It’s a brand new engine; it can’t be leaking oil!” I said.

I could not work on the motor while it was still in the frame — it had to be removed to change the gaskets!

After replacing the cork gaskets and putting it all back in the frame, the fuckin’ thing started leaking oil again! Seems after lock-tighting all the bolts on the rocker covers, they still vibrated loose.

Well it just goes to show you how fuckin’ brainy S&S engineers are, because the feedback was, now get this, they designed the engine to weep oil and for all the bolts to vibrate loose because, in their great wisdom, this is what happened with Panhead motors in the old days.

Fuckin’ smart move.


My Number is Not Up

ROD Cole gave me your email a couple of years ago to get my bike featured in Ozbike, but not long after that, a fool in a 4WD went through a red light at Robina and drove straight over the top of me. I was supposed to have died that night but the docs reckon my number just wasn’t up yet.

Still have injuries I’m getting over but I’m back on a new bike that I’ve done lots of work on. It would be cool to get in featured in Ozbike; would be something for all my kids to keep, seein’ as they nearly lost me.


Holey Ozbike T-Shirt

MY boyfriend has had an Ozbike T-shirt for 12 years and still loves it but it has lots of holes in it. I have tried to look for another for him but failed. Could you please tell me where i can purchase an Ozbike T-shirt?

Thank you.


WHAT! It only lasted 12 years? 

Sorry, we don’t sell them anymore. If you’d like to get one printed for him (make a great birthday present) I’ll send you the artwork.


Awesome Harley-Davidson Breakout

I turned 50 this year. I’m a truck driver and been riding bikes since I was five-years-old. Bought my first ’82 Shovel Low Rider in 1986 at 21 and have owned several since.

My Harley-Davidson Breakout custom was designed by me and assembled Mark and the team at Harbour City Harley-Davidson who did a fantastic job of bringing my vision and dream to reality. I have always done all my own custom work but this was a no-brainer getting them to strip and build a new bike. No stress — just pick it up and ride. 

This is the second Breakout I’ve done in two years because I wanted a more aggressive bike. 

The candy burnt orange with white pearl custom paint was applied by Mark at Queensland Motorcycle Panel and Paint

The 120R Screamin’ Eagle engine is fitted with a Super Tuner, a 58 mm throttle body, and Freedom Independence shorty pipes. 

Wheels are standard Breakout but were sent away to be custom chromed. 

She is fitted with 18-inch Burleigh Bars, a Chop Z rear tail-light and indicator assembly, Legend air suspension on the arse, and custom mirrors with built-in indicators to give the bike smooth lines and flow. 


My Name is Mimi

I’M original from Indonesia; live in Australia and always been around bike. My ex-hubby and family is a Nomad and now my boyfriend is a Rebel bike. Love the bike.

I’m doing a bit of modelling mainly for club for the wall posters. This is only one of my sample, many more, this is a my favourite. Left is Harley-Davidson Street Bob and right is Harley-Davidson 1970 Shovelhead custom. 

By the way, the photographer name is Glenn Mcilwraith. Hope you like it.

Cheers, Mimi.

Mad Max Cyclotron

HI Skol — I see that you folk were blessed with the chance to photograph the Cyclotron in your second issue back in 1978. As this issue is out of stock, are you able to provide scans of the article, or know where I can get some?

PS: I am a long time and current Harley-Davidson owner/rider.

Craig Pattison

YES, the Mad Max Cyclotron was a great custom.

Sorry, that issue sold out 40 years ago. All the best with your search.


The Bikers Shed

I HAVE bought Ozbike for 20 plus years; ya better come do a story on The Shed (est.1986) and the people who have signed in over 29 years. You won’t be disappointed. My real mates include Normie Rowe, Kevin Bloody Wilson, along with other staunch mates over the years, who have had a ball in The Shed.

My latest ride is a Heritage Softail Springer I got from Bartels in LA

Cheers from the West. 


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