The Romanian Monkey Bike Run

LOVE him or loath him, it’s hard to argue with Jeremy Clackson’s verdict of Romania’s Transfaragasan Highway as ‘the best road in the world’. The Adventurists believe they’ve found a way to make ‘the best even better’ by throwing miniature motorbikes into the mix in the latest edition of the Monkey Run series.

The Adventurists are, as their name suggests, responsible for some of the world’s most exciting adventures, ranging from The Mongol Derby (the world’s longest and most dangerous horse race) to Icarus X (a paramotor race across southern Africa).

Two years ago they launched the Monkey Run which saw participants dropped in the Sahara and tasked with crossing the Atlas Mountains and reaching the Moroccan coast on 50 cc Monkey Bikes. After just the right mix of thrills, spills and camels, the success of the Moroccan Monkey Run led to the creation of the Peru Monkey Run, and now, fresh for September 2018, the Romanian Monkey Run.

The Adventurists are keen to show off the miniature bikes’ prowess on some of Europe’s most exciting roads and trails, surrounded by epic vistas, before Brexit means anyone with a British accent isn’t allowed near the Transfaragasan Highway.

Whilst there’s no defined route set for the Monkey Run, riders will saddle up in the city of Sighetu Marmatiei, close to the border with Ukraine, before travelling around 900 km, in the space of a week, to the coastal town of Vama Veche. In true Adventurist style, they’ll be parties thrown at either end so riders can meet fellow participants and then share heroic tales of adventure and compare bruises.

The fact there is no set route isn’t a result of The Adventurists lacking a good road map, it’s at the heart of what they’re all about and they actively promote getting lost and heading off the beaten track.

There’s a few spots we’d recommend everyone tries to hit, such as the Transfaragasan Highway, Dracula’s Castle and Berca Mud Volcano, but beyond that we encourage riders to look at their maps as little as possible. The idea of the Monkey Runs is to give people a true adventure that allows them to get under the skin of the country they’re in in a way that a normal holiday wouldn’t. You could just rock up, enjoy the launch party, team up with another rider and ride in tandem the length of the country to the finish line and I’m sure you’d have an amazing time. There’s nothing like a little mishap in the back end of nowhere however if you want to experience something truly memorable and force you to embrace your surroundings and the people in it. These are the moments that modern life is missing.

We believe the world is far too safe and organised, that we’ve come to live in ever decreasing circles of freedom. Fear of litigation, greed and a spineless refusal to take responsibility for ourselves have robbed us of one of the most interesting things in life: the unexpected. The Monkey Run rails against this. It forces you to be lost, to not know what’s around the next corner, to embrace the unknown.

This drive for genuine adventure is why The Adventurists specifically chose Monkey Bikes, rather than more comfortable or powerful rides.

Monkey Bikes are a whole lot of fun and it’s hard to take a serious fall. Because they’re low to the ground they also feel much faster than they are, but in reality they’re slow enough for you to truly appreciate the landscape you’re travelling through. They’re perfect for this trip and they’re bound to breakdown at some point, which means you’ll be forced to engage with the locals and find out what the country and culture is all about.

Get involved:

You can sign up and find out more at

Norton’s New V4 Superbike

NORTON Motorcycles has revealed the first official pictures of the re-engineered V4SV — the most luxurious British superbike ever created.

True to its Isle of Man TT heritage, the re-engineered Norton V4SV has benefited from significant investment and testing during the last 12 months to deliver a quality luxury product befitting of the Norton name. 

The Norton V4SV is currently in the last engineering improvement phase. Each component has been repackaged and revised, none more-so than the in-house developed engine. The new Norton 1200 cc V4 sits elegantly in its handcrafted aluminium tubed frame to deliver a blistering 185 bhp.

With fully adjustable Ohlins front forks and a bespoke Norton Ohlins TTXGP adjustable rear shock, the V4SV is every bit the TT-inspired performance machine.

The Norton V4SV motorcycle is the first model to be shown since the brand was bought out of administration by TVS Motors.

Jack Daniel’s Indian Scout Bobber

TWO iconic American brands have joined forces with Klock Werks Kustom Cycles to celebrate their shared values with an ultra-premium, limited-edition motorcycle. This year, they looked to the Jack Daniel’s Fire Brigade and their impressive gold and black firetrucks for design inspiration.

Jack Daniel’s is the only distillery in the world with its own fire brigade which is staffed entirely by employee volunteers. The Jack Daniel’s Fire Brigade is an impressive showcase of the company’s commitment to quality and a remarkable symbol for the passion and dedication shared by Jack Daniel’s employees.

The employees at Indian Motorcycle share that same passion for their craft and developed this bike as a tribute to the people who are committed to keeping their community’s safe, the state-certified firefighters of Jack Daniel’s, as well as firefighters and EMS professionals everywhere.

The Jack Daniel’s Limited Edition Indian Scout Bobber maintains the low-slung, blacked-out and stripped-down attitude of the Scout Bobber, but also boasts several ultra-premium, custom features that create a truly unique motorcycle. As a nod to the “Old No. 7 Brand”, only 177 of these bikes will be built globally making anyone who owns one a member of an extremely exclusive club.

“Our partnership with Jack Daniel’s celebrates American craftsmanship of the highest order,” said Steve Menneto, President, Indian Motorcycle. “This year’s limited-edition bike draws inspiration from the incredible story of Jack Daniel’s Fire Brigade while honouring the passion and dedication of firefighters and emergency medical responders who serve our country.”

Each of the 177 individually-numbered motorcycles are accented with Jack Daniel’s Fire Brigade themes. The bike has subtle two-tone matte black paint, a first for Indian Motorcycle, and is covered in real 24-karat gold graphics on the tank and fenders. The 24-karat gold carries through to the Fire Brigade emblem on the tank and the “Bottles and Throttles Don’t Mix” emblem on the front fender.

Premium gloss black finishes on the fender struts, hand control levers, engine valve covers, and exhaust tips, while a gold coloured Indian Scout badge further showcases the attention to detail given in the design of this limited-edition bike.

Also unique is a one-of-a-kind Montana Silversmith badge that’s individually numbered and coated with real 24-karat gold.

Other custom details include a perforated genuine leather seat with “Jack Daniel’s” embroidery and custom grips, pegs, and shift levers inspired by the “Old No. 7 Brand.”

In addition to the bike’s custom accents, it also features chopped fenders, vented exhaust shields, knobby tires and a sleek headlight nacelle.

“The public’s response to the motorcycles that Indian Motorcycle and Jack Daniel’s have collaborated on has vastly exceeded our expectations year-over-year,” said Greg Luehrs, Director of Events and Sponsorships for Jack Daniel’s. “In celebration of this great partnership and our own Jack Daniel’s Fire Brigade, we are delighted to deliver a bike that honours firefighters and EMS first responders while also reinforcing the message that “Bottles and Throttles Don’t Mix.”

To reserve a Jack Daniel’s Limited Edition Indian Scout Bobber visit or call an Indian Motorcycle dealership. The Jack Daniel’s Limited Edition Indian Springfield and Chief Vintage models sold out in less than 8 hours, while the Jack Daniel’s Limited Edition Indian Chieftain sold out in less than 10 minutes.


INDIAN Motorcycle is America’s first motorcycle company. Founded in 1901, Indian Motorcycle has won the hearts of motorcyclists around the world and earned distinction as one of America’s most legendary and iconic brands through unrivalled racing dominance, engineering prowess and countless innovations and industry firsts. Today that heritage and passion is reignited under new brand stewardship. To learn more, please visit


OFFICIALLY registered by the US government in 1866 and based in Lynchburg, Tennessee, the Jack Daniel Distillery, Lem Motlow, proprietor, is the first registered distillery in the United States and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Jack Daniel’s is the maker of the world-famous Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey, Gentleman Jack Rare Tennessee Whiskey, Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Tennessee Whiskey, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire, Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select and Jack Daniel’s Country Cocktails.

Jack Daniel’s encourages its friends to drink responsibly and reminds bikers that Bottles and Throttles Don’t Mix.

The Wolverines—a Party in Progress

ONE of Australia’s most successful country rock bands is the Wolverines. You’ll often see them playing at biker rallies; and up in Tamworth, they even have a poker run named after them.

John Clinton, the drummer in the Wolverines, took time out to talk to Ozbike.

I guess the Wolverines started when I went for a Harley ride to the Wiseman’s Ferry pub with my son who was only about 10 years at the time. Darcy was out there doing a one-man-band thing and we had each other on a bit about the old days. He remembered when I was playing at the Persian Room in the ’70s and suggested I would be better off playing drums with him rather running a music shop and selling a lot of sound and lighting stuff to various clubs and pubs; and he said he knew this great keyboard player (Chris) who looked the part.

The three of us ended up having a rehearsal and all of us thought we had something unique—apart from the fact that we were pretty bloody ugly.

So the next thing was that I was installing a huge sign out the front of Tamworth Services Club during the Tamworth Country Music Festival and the general manager made the mistake of showing me around the club where I found this room that wasn’t being used.

“I know a band who could fill this space,” I told him. “The Wolverines.”

After a bit of arm twisting we finished up doing a deal.

The first night we only got about 12 people; on the second there were about 24 people. Also on the second night one of the reporters from the Leader was there and he gave us one hell of a write up, and so the third night we arrived and we couldn’t get in—there were people queued from the entrance to the room right up the stairs, right up through the lounge-room, right up through to where you sign in; the queue effectively jammed up the club.

After we did the Tamworth Festival we got a lot of enquiries about the band and we were in the fortunate position to be able to pick and chose where we played so it was great.

Our first big hit was Sixty Five Roses. It was written by Lee J Collier from Canberra. She had sent it to LJ Hooker who were the sponsors of cystic fibrosis at the time. Their business manager approached us because he had heard us at Tamworth and also heard that we did a lot of stuff raising funds for kids for different causes. We recorded a very radio-friendly version, a typical Wolverines sound, that took it to the top of the country charts, and it went up to about number eight on the man charts. Also in New Zealand it got to the top of the charts. Sixty Five Roses was only one of four singles to go gold in 2001.

One of the things that we realised earlier was that we had to have our own brand of music, and I believe if you listen to any song on our albums, you would pick it as Wolverines. We are daring to be a little bit different, and that carries on not only from the music but also our looks—we are not the bloody best looking mob of blokes that you have ever seen—and I think that’s a lot of the Wolverines attraction.

I guess you would class our music as more country rock, although we like to give it a kick along whenever possible, especially at bike rallies like the Harley Owners Group show we recently did up at the Gold Coast. When we toured the Middle East entertaining our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, we toured with Amy Williamson (John William’s daughter), Brielle Davis and Angry Anderson. Being on the same stage as those people, we all kicked arse.

I am a life member of the Harley Owners Group and proud of it. My son was certainly brought up with an extended family being members of the Harley Owners Group. Many times the Wolverines have combined with the Harley Owners Group to raise funds for kids and also to support their push with muscular dystrophy.

We have recorded six Wolverine CDs to date, and out of the 90 songs on them, at least 65 are originals plucked out of our personal experiences. It’s amazing how much you can pluck out of an experience like riding a Harley that’s really suitable to turn into a song. Like moving on down the highway—it’s a great feeling. Sure, some of our songs are tongue in cheek, but they are pretty close to how you are feeling. For instance, Nobody Rides my Harley But Me has a message about how you feel about your bike. Same with Gonna Ride all Night Long and Hog Heaven. We used to ride up the Putty Road in a group, and we were going a bit hard one day and a mate of mine came off; he and his girlfriend were taken to hospital. It made me wonder where do all the old bikes go, and of course they go to Hog Heaven.

Pics by Giulian Wiggins

Acme Has Gone Blind

ACME has gone blind. She is the little black dog who greets everyone as they enter our museum (not the brown one who is still fat from your tidbits).

Acme started life at The Stable motorcycle shop in Canberra and has spent 10 years at the museum making lots of friends. It is amazing how she doesn’t forget some folk. A club has started a money bottle at the museum so that we can get her cataracts done, possibly only one as the cost is approx $2500 per eye.

She still barks at you but just can’t find you. As one guy said, “We now have to watch where we put our big boots as she can’t get out of our way.”

MARGARET, The National Motorcycle Museum, Nabiac.

Royal Enfield’s second Custom Bike Build Off Entries

THE recent winning entry of the Royal Enfield’s Custom Bike Build Off goes to Slick by the Royal Enfield Sydney dealership.

The competition saw seven finalists compete with an extraordinary mix of designs with all of them deserving high praise for their originality and custom work.

Slick takes on a unique take of an old school chopper with a modern edge including solid components such as the custom Ikon shocks, Biltwell Thrusters grips, Z-bars mounted on a trials top fork yoke, Ram Flo air cleaner, and an upswept slash-cut shorty muffler.

“We dedicate this build to all the bikes we wish we’d bought, we wish we’d built and dreamed about in our misspent youth,’ said Slicks builder Will Keith of Royal Enfield Sydney.

Classic Stealth Black and Gunmetal Grey Royal Enfields

THERE’S a time to ride, and there’s a time to call it a day, sit back and watch the universe blaze away in all its glory; to remember the joys and pains of the day gone by, and to look forward to what tomorrow brings. There, amidst the dark, discover the other half of your riding story, with a motorcycle that’s slept under the night sky since 1901. Embrace the dark with the new Classic 500 Stealth Black and Gunmetal Grey Royal Enfields.

The Classic 500 Stealth Black and Gunmetal Grey Royal Enfields are featured now with Euro 4 specification that includes ABS brakes and pillion seat as standard. The Stealth Black matt black finish also carries to the rims, exhaust, front and rear light casing and blacked out engine, proving a new look and feel to the Classic range.

Both the Stealth Black and Gunmetal Grey will be available with two years roadside assist and two years warranty.

To register your interest or test ride visit

Queensland Bikers found Not Guilty over Pub Meet

TWO bikers arrested while having drinks with friends at a Sunshine Coast pub have been found not guilty of charges brought under Queensland’s anti-bikie laws.

Scott Conley and his half brother Steven Michael Smith were charged with illegally gathering in a public space under the Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment (VLAD) law. They were part of a group of men accused of having links to the outlawed Rebels bikie gang who met at the Yandina Hotel.

The court heard Mr Conley had resigned from the Rebels, disassociated from all club activities and severed all ties with members except family. This included handing in his Rebels vest and selling his Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Brisbane magistrate Annette Hennessy said she was satisfied Mr Conley had taken adequate steps to disassociate himself from the Rebels after he realised strict legal changes were coming.

“I cannot find beyond reasonable doubt Mr Conley was at the time of the offence a participant of a criminal organisation,” Ms Hennessy said.

New Zealand Panhead Beer returns to Australia

PANHEAD Custom Ales, New Zealand’s very own craft brewing monster truck rally, is relaunching back into Australia after a year of absence, putting the frighteners on anyone who thinks beer should mind its own business and cower behind the wine rack.

While Panhead will always call Upper Hutt, Wellington, home, it knows that well-made beer is in hot demand and it’s colonising the globe as fast as it can.

Panhead has exported small quantities of beer to Australia over the last few years but now with the support of Lion, Panhead will be brewed onsite at the Malt Shovel Brewery in Camperdown, Australia, and will be more widely available across the country.

Craft heads will be stoked the primary beer of focus in Australia is Quickchange Xtra Pale Ale, which recently earned gold at the New Zealand Brewers Guild awards, supported by the extra hoppy Supercharger APA and soon a range of specialty beers will be imported from New Zealand.

Mike Neilson, Chief Beer Engineer at Panhead, said the chance to have Panhead’s future supercharged by a merger with the big boys back in 2016 was too good to pass up.

“Lion’s backing will really help Panhead get in the hands of anyone, anywhere in Australia and New Zealand. That’s really important to us because we want as many people as possible to experience our beer.

“We’re particularly stoked to be working with the boys at Malt Shovel Brewery to brew Quickchange XPA locally. They’re techy brewers, just like us, and by brewing this beer locally, our kegs are fresher than ever.”

And Haydon Morgan, Head Brewer at Malt Shovel Brewery, said how excited his team are to work with such a phenomenally successful brewery with some big growth aspirations.

“This is a unique opportunity to harness the strengths of both breweries and share our brewing knowledge and passion for quality brews. It took us a couple of cracks but the boys at Panhead are satisfied we’ve maintained the integrity of their winning recipe and it is business as usual for us and Panhead Custom Ales,” said Haydon.

Panhead Custom Ales will now be distributed via Lion’s new business ‘Malt Shovel’, a dedicated team separate to Lion Beer Australia that looks after creating and growing a collection of craft brands with good beer loving on and off premise customers. The Malt Shovel team are out there now making Panhead available in good pubs and bottle shops across Australia.

A little more info on Panhead’s core range of beers:


XPA means Extra Pale, a product of Quickchange’s lighter malt base. That delicate colour though is undercut by a glorious hit of alpha oils from Mosaic, Galaxy and Citra hops. Sometimes you don’t want your mouth flayed raw and your liver worked to a standstill. Sometimes a few luscious notes of mango, guava, lychee and pineapple can be just the thing.


Hops are where it starts for the born-again craft head and Supercharger APA is where Panhead delivers. This is an all-American show with Centennial, Citra and Simcoe overwhelming your nose, kicking you in the taste buds and departing with more bitterness than a Palm Springs divorce. It’s a seriously addictive combination.


Pilsner is famously Czech in origin, but here we’ve gone for a South Pacific hop profile in keeping with the people who brew it and drink it. Passionfruit, grapefruit and sauvignon blanc characters abound, stacked up on a robust malt base that’s partly German, partly Kiwi.


As self-confessed bogans we have a natural attraction to black, preferably matte, so Blacktop Oatmeal is close to our hearts. The key to creating a silky death metal monster like this is the caramelised Golden Naked Oats we’ve built it around. Sophisticates will detect the chocolate and coffee notes of creamy tiramisu. The rest of us will note that it matches our jeans.

About Panhead:

LIKE many in the industry, Panhead founder and head brewer Mike Neilson started off by home brewing. His skill and passion were so evident that at the first homebrew competition he ever entered, the 2009 Society of Beer Advocates National Homebrew Championships, he won five medals, including two golds. When a brewer’s position became available at one the country’s leading craft breweries in 2010, Mike leapt at the chance.

After three years perfecting his craft, the time had come for Mike to follow his own path. In 2013, a business case was drawn up, and the family house put on the line to fund the new venture. A site for a brewery and bottling line was leased at the old Dunlop Tyre Factory in Upper Hutt, where Mike’s dad Danny had started his working life as a mechanic in the 1970’s. And as Upper Hutt stalwarts, born and bred, it made sense for Panhead to make the Hutt its home as well. Panhead Custom Ales was born.

Panhead launched its very first brew, Supercharger American Pale Ale, in July 2013. Three further beers were added to the core range: Port Road Pilsner, Quickchange Xtra Pale Ale, and Blacktop Oat stout. The core range was joined in 2014 by Whitewall, a lighter ale making use of newly developed Australian hops like Galaxy and Ella.

Running alongside the favourites, limited releases have kept the hardcore beer geeks surprised, delighted and occasionally mystified. The inaugural special, The Vandal, was an aggressive hop monster, acclaimed by SOBA as the 2014 Beer of the Year. Supercharger APA took the 2015 AND 2016 gongs. From the very beginning Panhead experienced stratospheric growth. Its output has increased from 280,000 litres per annum at launch, to just under 1.4 million litres in the year to March 2016. Over Christmas 2015, it sold out of two months’ worth of beer in just three weeks.

Panhead has never been able to brew beer fast enough to keep up with demand. Regardless of volume, quality, consistency and freshness are vital, and while there is always a steady stream of specials, the business rests on the well-loved core range.

Royal Enfield Roadster and Café Racer 650 parallel twin

REVIVING its rich twin heritage, Royal Enfield, the global leader in the mid-size motorcycle segment (250—750 cc), now produces two modern twin motorcycles, the Interceptor INT 650 and the Continental GT 650.

The Interceptor INT 650 ushers in the idea of the 1960’s fun, relaxed motorcycles from the sun-drenched California beaches. With its classic tear-drop shaped fuel-tank, quilted twin-seat and distinctive wide braced handlebars, the Interceptor INT 650 looks every bit the stunning Roadster that it is.

The twin motorcycles are powered by the first modern Royal Enfield 650 twin engine. This new platform is a single overhead cam, eight-valve, air/oil-cooled, 648 cc parallel twin, producing 47 bhp and 52 Nm. The engine has a strong low and mid-range performance, retaining the Royal Enfield character of accessible torque through the rev range.

Also new to the Royal Enfield Interceptor INT 650 is the six-speed gearbox especially developed for this motorcycle. The gearbox is augmented by its ‘slip/assist’ clutch that facilitates easy riding in traffic with a light feel, and prevents wheel-hop when downshifting gears; also a first for Royal Enfield.

An all-new, dedicated steel-tube cradle chassis was developed from the ground up by the team at Royal Enfield’s UK Technology Centre and Harris Performance. It has been engineered and fine-tuned for enhanced agility that can handle different terrains and speeds with ease while retaining the period classic style.

The wide-braced handlebars offer comfortable ergonomics and a confident and commanding riding position, allowing the rider to make the most of the agile chassis.

The motorcycle is equipped with classic 18-inch front and rear Pirelli tyres and twin shock absorbers, along with front and rear disc brakes with ABS.

A ground clearance of 174 mm and a seat height of 804 mm ensure that the Interceptor INT 650 gives a superlative riding experience.

Introducing the Interceptor INT 650, Siddhartha Lal, CEO Royal Enfield said, “The Interceptor INT 650 carries forward the Royal Enfield legacy into the 21st century. While in its essence it retains the design and old-school character, it has all the underpinnings of a modern machine. It combines agility, usable power, excellent ergonomics and style in an un-intimidating manner. However, the Interceptor INT 650 is more than the sum of its parts; it is great fun to ride and brings a smile on your face every single time that you ride it.”

Royal Enfield also released the all new Continental GT 650. The motorcycle retains its central cafe racer character while bringing in new engineering and design improvements.

It shares its engine, chassis and running parts with its twin, the Interceptor INT 650, while offering completely different ergonomics and style. The motorcycle has an eager, front-leaning stance that gives it a sporty look and a speedy form.

The Continental GT 650’s ergonomics offer easy reach to the mid-level handlebars for an optimum blend of steering feel and comfort with no compromise to its 12.5L fuel tank capacity.

Like the Interceptor INT 650, the Continental GT 650 sports disc brakes front and the rear with ABS.

The upswept exhaust and rear-set footrests give the motorcycle plenty of lean angle essential for any true cafe racer. The single seat, sculpted tank, and clip on bars complete the authentic look. The rider feels ‘one’ with the machine, whether commuting on city roads, or scraping knees down their favourite backroads and twisties.

Talking about Continental GT 650 as his personal favourite, Rudratej (Rudy) Singh, President, Royal Enfield, said, “The GT has been an iconic motorcycle in Royal Enfield’s portfolio. Since its launch in 2013, the Continental GT has helped the brand strengthen its position in mature motorcycle markets across the world. In its new avatar, the Continental GT 650 is the absolute definitive cafe racer that will be loved by discerning riders across the world.

“Being authentic, accessible and creating motorcycles that are evocative is at the core of all things we do. As a brand, we encourage our riders in their journey of self-expression and exploration. It is this idea that they relate to even before they buy our motorcycles. The new 650 twins will help us strengthen this proposition further.”

Talking about the significance of the new twins in Royal Enfield’s global foray, Siddhartha said, “Royal Enfield aims to lead and expand the mid-weight (250—750 cc) motorcycle segment globally. The Royal Enfield Interceptor INT 650 and Continental GT 650 will help grow this segment. While for our large customer base in India, the new 650 twins will be a compelling upgrade, we believe it will attract customers from other developing markets in SouthEast Asia and Latin America to graduate to the middle weight segment. In addition, the 650 twins will offer a very evocative option to customers in mature motorcycle markets such as Europe, Australia and North America. For us, this marks the beginning of a new chapter at Royal Enfield“

Both the Continental GT 650 and the Interceptor INT 650 will be available in variety of colours and two distinct styles: Standard and Retro Custom. A total of 11 options have been developed with the objective of appealing to the discerning heritage seeking rider, just as much as the modern rider seeking a classic motorcycle. While the Standard range of colours take inspiration from the motorcycles of the 50’s and 60’s, the Retro Custom range is a bolder version of graphics and colours.

Talking about the development process of the motorcycles, Simon Warburton, Head of Product Development at Royal Enfield said, “The new 650 twin engine and the motorcycles have been developed at Royal Enfield’s new UK Technology Centre with collaboration with the engineering and design teams in Chennai, India. The entire platform, including the engine and chassis, has undergone rigorous testing and validation process during the development programme at world-class proving grounds with professional riders. It has been subjected to lab and bench tests, in addition to being tested on race tracks and public roads. With over one million km of testing prior to production, more than 70 different tests have been conducted on the vehicle and individual chassis components.

“Modern CAE techniques and CAD systems have been applied during the development of the chassis and comprehensive data logging and analysis have been undertaken.

“The gearbox has undergone extensive test miles resulting in an optimum shift feel, reliability of engagement, quiet notch-free selection and perfect ratio spacing.

“These motorcycles have been tested for real world riding conditions in both Europe and India.”

Gear & Apparel
Accompanying these two new motorcycles is a range of gear and apparel that has been inspired by history but tailor-made to be relevant to contemporary styles. Deriving their cuts and silhouettes from the cultural contexts when these motorcycles were originally introduced, the Clymer and the Spirit Jacket in the new range, celebrate the classic design and versatility of the new motorcycles. The range also includes, besides a curated range of t-shirts, helmets in classic shapes, both open & full-face, a boot and high-ankle sneakers along with Covert Cordura Jeans and Streetborn Gloves fusing classic styling with contemporary functionality.

Genuine Motorcycle Accessories
The Continental GT 650 and the Interceptor INT 650 will have a whole suite of Royal Enfield Genuine Motorcycle Accessories available that can help both spruce up the motorcycle and provide additional comfort, styling and protection. The range will include functional and protective accessories such as engine guards, lifting handle, pannier mounts, and an auxiliary electrical port. The range also includes styling accessories such as chrome and stainless steel silencer slip-ons, acrylic fly-screen, single and twin-seat cowls, soft canvas panniers, and others. All the genuine motorcycle accessories have also been developed and tested along with the motorcycles in real-road conditions.

A bit of history
The Interceptor has a spectacular history as the first Royal Enfield that was built specifically for the American market. It achieved great popularity in California where the motorcycle aligned well with the relaxed, hippie and surfer culture. It is this iconic movement, and the original Interceptor, that are the inspiration behind the creation of the new Interceptor INT 650.

The Continental GT is an ode to the cafe racers of the 50’s. Café racers were born in the 1950s in keeping with the emerging racing culture of those times. Racers bought stock motorcycles and stripped down the parts to make it light and aerodynamic. The new Continental GT 650 recaptures Royal Enfield’s authentic café racer legacy. It retains the look while taking performance to the next level in terms of ride and handling.

About Royal Enfield:
The oldest motorcycle brand in continuous production, Royal Enfield made its first motorcycle in 1901. A division of Eicher Motors Limited, Royal Enfield has created the mid-sized motorcycle segment in India with its unique and distinctive modern classic bikes. With its new manufacturing base in Chennai, India, Royal Enfield is able to grow its production rapidly against a surge in demand for its motorcycles.

With more than 50 percent growth every year for the last five years, Royal Enfield is fast becoming a very important player in the global mid-size motorcycle market and is working towards re-inventing this space with motorcycles that are evocative and engaging and great fun to ride.

Royal Enfield’s product line‐up in India includes the Bullet, Classic and Thunderbird models in 350 and 500 cc displacement along with Continental GT 535 cc café racer and the purpose built Himalayan powered by the new LS410 engine.

Royal Enfield operates through 17 company-operated stores and 705 plus dealers in all major cities and towns in India, and exports to more than 50 countries across the world including the USA, UK, several European and Latin American countries, as well as the Middle East and South-East Asia. Royal Enfield also organises and supports many motorcycling events and rides globally, more prominently the Rider Mania, an annual gathering of Royal Enfield riders from all over the world to the lovely beaches of Goa, and the Himalayan Odyssey, the most arduous motorcycle ride over some of the toughest roads and highest mountain passes in the Himalayas. Royal Enfield also conducts the popular ‘One Ride’ where people around the world ride out on their motorcycles on the first Sunday of April.

To know more about Royal Enfield, the motorcycles, marquee rides and other initiatives, visit:

Be a part of one of the largest communities of motorcycling enthusiasts; like Royal Enfield on Facebook.

Get a Bit on the Wild Side

NOW IS the time to get that tour booked. You choose: classic or modern sidecar. Good for those special photo-shoots as well.

Owner Gator and his team have been riding motorbikes since the dawn of time.

“Running three sidecars and a Limo, we can arrange any time-frame needed for special events,” said Gator, “or maybe just a ride for lunch.”

A well-developed Shovelhead having major pipe-work done by KV Resto & Race. She is one hot girl to ride.

Mooloolaba Motorcycle Sidecar Adventure Rides, Sunshine Coast, Qld; 0438-583-457.

Will Australia win the World Nitro Harley Record?

MARK Drew has released very exciting news that could potentially put Australia leading in Top Fuel Harleys in the world and better his personal best of 6.34 @ 230 plus mph.

Just recently, Drew finalised a deal to get Jaska Salakari to Australia this coming January.

“Jaska is from Finland,” said Mark, “and has gone quicker than anyone else in the world on a V-Twin motorcycle. Jaska’s nitro bike is slightly different to the bikes we run in the world of nitro Harleys but due to a couple of minor issues he can not run in our class. He is bringing a fuel system the same as he runs on his bike which is different to anyone else in the world.”

They will begin testing at Willowbank Queensland on 6 January for the New Years 400 Thunder event. They will then run private test days at the 17 January all-bike meet, leading up to the Eastern Creek Sydney 20 January Santos Summer 400 Thunder event. Drew will then finish testing the new fuel system at the 400 Thunder Perth Motorplex round on 3—4 March in preparation for the 400 Thunder Championship series.

“My bike will be the first in the world to run this fuel system in the Nitro Harley Class; I have asked Jaska what he thought we could achieve in January when he comes to Australia. His reply was, ‘First personal best, then World Nitro Harley Record’. Pretty cool, I reckon.”

Renowned as the fastest man in Australia on one wheel for his awesome one-wheeled quarter-mile full-track wheelstands, fans and spectators around the globe will be waiting in anticipation to see what Jaska and Drew will have in store this upcoming season.

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Wheelstand pic courtesy Drag News