Odin’s Warriors MC Inverell Girls Show

THE GIRLS SHOW starts at 7.30 pm so we got there a bit early for a few drinks, meet the boys, and to get something to eat — and there was plenty to eat.

The band, The Green Onions, had set up and were about to start belting out some good old rock ‘n’ roll tunes. The girls were busy, some behind the bar with their tits out severing drinks to the eager thirsty crowed, and some walking around selling tickets in a private lap-dance — “Hey, babe, I’ll take four of those tickets!”

It was just on 8 pm and the MC for the night, Jimmy, announced the first act for the night — a double girl act — and there was a rush of guys to get to good seats. I’m glad I was the photographer; I was allowed right up the front.

And wow! What an act it was—the girls were very, very friendly.

After that I had to get back to the bar for a few drinks to calm the pulse, and the band cranked it up again with some great rock tunes.

There were two more acts for the night — a single act and a triple girl act — and my God, you need to come next year to see them; you won’t be disappointed.

I didn’t win the lap-dance but the guy who did had a smile on his face from ear-to-ear all fuckin’ night.

Once again the boys from the Odin’s Warriors MC in Inverell have put on a great show; I think some of the young guys will never be the same, especially my assistant for the night who ended up on stage with his shirt off and a naked girl on top of him. Yeah, nice one, Karl.

Words & pics by Big Jim

American & British Motorcycle Club Gold Coast High Rollers Run

WE WERE meeting at Canungra, a sleepy little town south of Brisbane, which has a top pub where you can guarantee you will get to see many bikes pulled up in front of, no matter what day of the week. A favourite place of mine and I could not wait to get there again. The bikes riding into Canungra looked pretty awesome. The locals must have wondered what all the noise was about with the all the bikes riding into their quiet little town.

With my mud map in hand, we took off to another top place at Beenleigh. Yes, another local watering hole called the Shearers Arms Tavern.

By now everyone was content to sit around and have a chat. Some girls were raffling off a bottle of Jack Daniel’s, and we all looked at bikes and found folks we knew to have a chat to. Don’t get too settled, I say, near time to go again. The carpark was chock-a-block with bikes and it took a few minutes to get everyone on the saddle and going again. There were also a few nice hotrods on the ride.

I needed an escort to get to my next stop, but going down the M1, hundreds of bikes turned up in my rear vision mirror. So then I got to follow the pack and we ended up at another club just short of Nerang on the coast.

We took a few photos of a group from the American & British Gold Coast, and lots of others who wanted to get in a photo for the mag. Well, that’s what I’m here for.

Soon we were off again. Graeme, Director of the Club, chose a good place for that—the Mudgeeraba Golf Club. So many bikes; not enough room to get all the bikes in the carpark.

Then it was time to eat, have a coldie, and give all the awards for the Best Poker Hand, the Top Bike and so on. The trophies were really good, and there was a fantastic Triumph decked out with a big blower. The guy from the Black Uhlans was smiling when he won one of the prizes. Yes, I was truly impressed with this bike.

We had a late lunch and thanks to the staff it was really good.

There was a little boy, Jack Lenehan, on the run with a rare muscular disease. A bike had been donated by Saunders Asphalt and Excavation; the paint work and air brushing was done by Peter Rudd. Thanks to Snout, one of the members from Geelong, who acted as an auctioneer, little Jack ended up with $500 to help him on his journey in his life. Goes to show there is a lot of help out there for children these days. Jack sat on the bike and did not want to get off.

Must mention the great girl riders on the run who got me a drink; thanks.

I was told we had 265 bikes on the day—good on you guys—I have to say the High Rollers Run stood out on my journeys this year doing photos for Ozbike.

The poker run ran late into the arvo, and all had such a good time. Thanks to all the guys from the American & British for a great day, and thanks again to Graeme for looking after me and making my job easy to bring these pics to you. Vroom!

Words & pics by Jules @ Top Gun

Patriots Military Club Braham Run

THE Braham Run sees Patriots club members of all Queensland Chapters meet for a weekend of riding, socialising and telling old war stories of their time in the Defence Force.

This year two ‘old’ sailors reunited after 23 years of not seeing each other. Tomo and Skip both served together in the late ’80s and found out that they were both in different Patriots Chapters. Needless to say, the Brahma Run was great excuse to get together and tell waries.

There were some sidewards looks from the local constabulatory as the pack rode around town and to Yeppoon, but no hassles. Although, at 6 am on Monday, it was unusual to ride into a booze and drug testing station but we are sure that this was purely a coincidence.

Unfortunately, the need to work on Saturday required me to drive my ute to the run and I was duly admonished by all. This same much maligned utility was a God-send when the Chapter President got as flat tyre on the return trip and his bike was taxied back to Redcliffe. Ha, they may laugh at it being a Harley Recovery Vehicle, but it did the job!

story compiled by Roo

More Info on the Patriots

THE Patriots was created when five serving members of the Royal Australian Navy started the club in 1993. These people considered that there was a need for military personnel with a common love of motorcycles, to have a contact point wherever they were posted; aA place where they would be accepted, given accommodation and also share their passion for motorcycling.

The Chapters run in strict accordance with Defence Department guidelines. They do not tolerate drugs, violence or theft, and believe in the non-sexist policy promoted by the Defence Department.

The Patriots are a family-oriented club and as such invite serving and ex-serving members to happily bring along their families.

The Moreton Bay Chapter is a 100 percent Military Chapter limiting membership to only those who have or a serving member of the Defence Force. This means that members have a very strong common bond and actually speak the same language, although the Navy boy’s slang is still a mystery to those who haven’t spent time in the senior service.

Moreton Bay Chapter members reside within the following areas: Brisbane & surrounding suburbs, north & south Coast, south east Queensland as well as reaching out as far north as Tin Can Bay & Blackwater and south west as Toowoomba. Meetings are held at the clubrooms which are situated at the Redcliffe’s Showground, and the clubrooms are open from 5 pm Friday night until late, and 2—5 pm on Sundays.

So if you ride a bike larger than a 250 cc, have or are serving in the Australian Permanent or Reserve Forces and live in Brisbane. Drop on in and say hello, share a drink and tell some waries!

Hunter Harleys Social Riding Group

HAVING a bike is essential to one’s sanity in this era of digital bombardment… just as essential as having entertaining motor bikin’ stuff such as you find between the covers of Ozbike!

Anyhow, I digress, the point is that going for a ride reboots things in your melon. When you pull your helmet on, all that insignificant crap inside your head squeezes out the bottom. Not the grey mushy stuff, that other imaginary guilt-causing noise that tries to hijack your thinking and makes you worry about trivial stuff, asking endless questions like: Did you put the rubbish bin out? Did you feed the dog yet? Did you remember to pick up young Myron from kicker ball this afternoon? Have you had ‘that talk’ with your 16-year-old daughter, or more importantly, her boyfriend? Why has my 16-year-old daughter got a boyfriend? What’s for tea? Why are my nuts always itchy? Who watches that shit they put on TV nowadays? What was I doing again?

So now you have your bonce-protector and anti-guilt shield fitted, where are you gonna go and who are you gonna go with? Completely legit questions. Even though we know the journey is the most important part, sometimes it’s good to share some road tales and have a debrief over a frosty beverage upon arrival at a destination. This can be more interesting if you’re with a different crew too, but where do you find a new riding crew?

Well, in the Hunter Valley, a place of ‘many good motorcycling roads with pubs along them’, there’s the Hunter Harleys group.

I was tipped off by another rider about this group and chased up the organiser, Kris Bithel, to find out a little more and help spread the word to others looking for another crew to ride with. I also took the opportunity to tag along on a ride to experience first-hand what they’re trying to achieve and to get some pix.

Although it’s an organised ride, there are no hard and fast rules so you ride at your own pace and end up in the same place to refresh and shoot the breeze. Everybody was friendly, everybody rode with consideration for the other riders, of which there were about 50 to 60 by my estimation, and with a wide cross section of experience across the group.

As the name suggests, the group focuses on having a single brand for no other reason than it’s what they wanted and it’s their group so they can do what they want! That’s not to say there’s any brand snobbery there; it’s just a practical consideration so everybody will stay together on the road and arrive at places at much the same time.

There are restrictions on bike size for learner and provisional riders so, to encourage the less experienced riders, Hunter Harleys makes an exception to the ‘Harley only’ rule where they can come along and meet some like-minded folk and hit the road with a good sized group.

I quizzed Kris to get a bit more info about the group and here’s what he had to say.

Ozbike: What is Hunter Harleys, a group or a club, and what is its aim?

Kris: Hunter Harleys is a social riding group for any Harley-Davidson owners in the Newcastle/Hunter region. We offer free organised rides every month and an overnight weekend ride every three months. My aim is to continue to grow as a Harley riding group, raise money for local charities, support small businesses, and host an annual bike show in the near future.

Ozbike: How do people get involved?

Kris: Hunter Harleys is a combination of word of mouth and social media posts. If you follow our Facebook and/or Instagram pages, the details of the monthly ride are posted there so keep an eye out for the date, starting point and time of the next ride, and turn up, it’s as simple as that! We also have a closed Facebook group for members only”.

So there you have it, if you’re keen to get a good ride in with a few folks in the Hunter Valley whether you’re a local or just passing through, look Hunter Harleys up; they’ll be happy to have you along.

Words by JT of Crotch Rocket Motorcycles; photos by iShootPix

Police Harassment in Australia

BOYS, GET use to it—every run and show is now watched and followed by Big Brother—but we shouldn’t let this deter us from riding our bikes with our mates. Here are a few pics of a recent run I attended; the photos speak for themselves.

The police now harass every bike-orientated event we have, sitting outside venues and intimidating us so we don’t join in.

Police statistics look good; figures show that support for shows, events and poker runs is gradually declining, giving the message that police presence at future events is well worth it. Is this what we want—no shows, event or runs?

This is our passion and the Government is slowly stomping it out. The best thing we can do is to continue going to events and showing support for the organisers.

I am not a criminal but I’m being treated like one just because I ride a Harley-Davidson.

Words & Pics by Gazza

Lincoln Causeway Classic and vintage Motorbike Show

COL HAS been riding bikes for a while and is often seen attending classic rides around the countryside. Ten years ago he was diagnosed with kidney disease and the outlook was grim—but his presence today shows he has battled on. His tap-on-the-shoulder has made him aware of others in the same plight and led to him organising this fundraiser with the support of the Wodonga Lions Club.

Located on the Lincoln Causeway between Albury and Wodonga, the bike show encompassed the old and the new. Old classics, race bikes, vintage, MX, and sidecars in fine fettle stood proudly shining in the sunny morn vying for trophies against the showing of new and custom bikes and trikes, some with masterful paint jobs.

Overall 150 motorcycles were on display in 20 categories; well laid out with room to browse and peruse the machines from all angles.

The sunny weather and a dearth of events such as this bike show in the area in the last few years contributed to the crowd numbers—1700 people attended throughout the day—and, In fact, it was difficult to move very far without running into someone for a chat about this or that or remembering when.

Many local businesses donated and there were many stalls with products on display. A couple of local lads strummed out tunes of both types of music, country and western.

There was even an exhaust noise level testing station set-up. A few guys went in to see if their pipes complied but, as bike riders do, this soon deteriorated into a competition of who could make the loudest noise—all good fun and it had plenty of onlookers.

The day was a complete success with $6000 raised for Kidney Health Australia. Col and the Wodonga Lions Club are to be congratulated.

Words & pics by Stewie from Albury

East versus West Sand Drags at Northern Speedway

WITH PLENTY of prize money and pride up for grabs, teams travelled from most parts of Australia—Darwin, Queensland, Sydney, Adelaide—and even some bros from New Zealand. These guys are serious about their sand drags. Bikes, buggies and sprint cars in all shapes and forms, powered by V8 motors, blowers, turbos, nitrous injection, methanol, and the list goes on and on.

Carla from South Australia had to manhandle her buggy, Handgrenade, the whole track—the bloody thing sounds like a top fueller and goes like one.

One poor guy on a Jappa was a serious contender, till he was in the hot seat, literally, his bike catching fire! Thinking quickly, he threw sand over the motor to put the flames out.

Then came the sprint car from hell—huge paddle tyres and twin nitrous bottles. Insane!

These machines are like trench cutters, leaving huge trenches in the sand, sending rooster tails 40ft long and 20ft high.

It’s amazing to watch these machines skate down the sandy quarter-mile track, trying to grab any traction the huge paddle tyres might give them.

No shortage of action here—the monster truck, Stress Factor, was great for the smaller kids, the burn-outs went down well with the bigger kids (me) with a V8 mini, buggy and utes letting rip—what a great smoke show.

Not forgetting the stunt riders who were continually jumping from morning until sunset.

That’s when the real racing started—everybody gets serious—night time racing seems to take it to the next step with everybody giving it their best. Some very quick bikes were unleashed too, making the sand drag meet a real spectacle.

I’m sure these team will come back bigger and better to the next sand drags—damn—I can’t wait…

Sand dragging is a fast growing sport in some states, proving very popular, fierce rivalry for competitors. And it’s great for the spectators too. If you haven’t been to a sand drag meet before, get your skates on—it’ll blow your socks off!

Words & pics by Gazza

Poker Run & Blues Night in Junee NSW

THE POKER Run drew bike riders from near and afar with a variety of bikes ranging from Harleys, Kawasakis, Indians, BMWs, Postie bikes, Ducatis, some Can Ams, and a few other brands thrown in.

A bus, donated by Junee Buses, took patrons who did not have a bike around the run, catching up with the riders at all the pub stops.

The Poker Run started at the Junee Golf Club at 10.30 am after a well-cooked breakfast and registration, and did a lap around the town (so the locals, who always turn up in force, could wave the riders goodbye) before heading off for a warm day’s ride on some of NSW’s best back-roads.

The Run headed to Marrar for a refreshment stop at the local pub and the first hand of poker.

From there the riders made their way to Temora where the lunch break was taken at the Temora Golf Club; lunch was cooked by the Junee Rescue Squad, the Fire Brigade and Junee CanAssist.

Soon the riders made their way to the Stockinbingal Bowling Club for their second hand of poker.

After a few more drinks, the riders were off to the Wallendbeen Hotel for the third hand of poker.

Then it was on to the Cootamundra Golf Club, the final destination on the ride.

After a few cold refreshments, it was back via the Olympic Way to Junee for a bit of a rest and freshen up before making our way to the Junee Golf Club for a long night of blues music and to let our hair down and enjoy the night.

About 400 people were entertained by Switch to Whiskey, 19 Twenty and The Mighty Yak who entertained the crowds into the wee hours with a lot of rockin’.

Riley Asmus was the MC for the night and did a great job.

The money raised is donated to Junee CanAssist and the Junee Volunteer Rescue Association, both worthy causes…

Words & photos by Graham Besley

Bandidos MC Ipswich City Poker Run & Rolling Bike Show

THE BANDIDOS MC Ipswich City Chapter’s annual poker run started at the City View Hotel in Ipswich where the car park was full of Bandidos members from Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunny Coast Chapters; also present were members of the Outcasts MC from Hervey Bay, Tribe of Judiah, BUACA and Guardians, as well as those just out for a ride. Everyone was enjoying the cool atmosphere while indulging in a few drinks and buying their first card.

We left the City View at midday knowing we were in for a hot day; everyone was eager to get going.

The rolling bike show was judged by Alex and Moud and they had their work cut out for them as there was some very nice machines on the ride. Harley, British, European and Jap rode out together into the hot afternoon. There were nine categories and trophies to be won later in the day.

The next stop was the Sundowner Hotel along the Warrego highway where we saw even more bikes turn up late. Around 70 bikes filled the carpark of this popular highway stop.

Only one bike refused to make it to the first stop, but the rest made the trip without any problems which is what you pray for on the day.

After everyone had a few cold ones and got their second card, we were off again.

Of course the ever popular Hydro Squad was on hand to hover around like flies to a rottin’ corpse. It’s always good to see our taxpayer’s money spent in all the wrong ways.

As we rolled through the main street of Laidley everyone young and old stopped to see and photograph the mass of bikes heading for the pub.

The owners at the Laidley pub were kind enough to organise a BBQ to feed the many hungry mouths that quickly occupied the tables and bar in their outdoor undercover entertainment area.

With everybody fed and having received their third card, we left for the last pub in Rosewood.

It was still warm as we rolled into The Rising Sun Hotel but the presence of cold beer and pretty barmaids cooled things down a bit, but bought with it the only thing we didn’t want—dark clouds heading our way. Everyone snapped up their fourth cards, talked bikes for a bit and decided to head off before the rain hit. It was coming in from the west and we were heading east so we took heed and fled, as did the Hydro Squad as I think they knew they were wasting everyone’s time by now.

About half an hour later, after coming off the Cunningham Highway, a mixed assortment of bikes and cars pulled into the Bandidos MC clubhouse, and within minutes the last cards were being handed out and cold drinks flowed over the bar.

Some of the boys burned some rubber and won a new tyre from Straight ‘n’ Narrow Hogs in Toowoomba.

Our titty girl was donated by Crossy from Warwick and she worked her arse off running back and forth.

Tribe of Judiah did the usual and bough their food van feeding the horde before everyone settled into some steady drinkin’.

The winner of the best hand went to Bunkles from the Sunshine Coast who promptly put some money over the bar. Onya!

It seemed as though everyone who attended the event had a great day but maybe next year some of you should have stayed to collect your trophies. The winners, or should I say the original winners, went early and missed out on some creative trophies made by Blazon Steel in Toowoomba. Foot handed out all the trophies and a donation to BUACA who do a shit hot job looking out for our prodigy. Keep up the good work fellas.

The party kept going well into the night with The Cow Wilson Band, and later, with the girls from Tina’s Playgirlz on the Gold Coast. Everyone was impressed with the girls on stage even the (ouch) hot wax tricks! Thanks Phoenix and Tattiana for a great show. Congrats to Butch for receiving his 10-year patch and to Dave for getting his bottom rocker as well.

We would like to thank the Ipswich Chapter of the Bandidos MC for a shit-hot day, and all our sponsors including the City View, Sundowner, Laidley and the Rising Sun Hotels, the girls from tinasplaygirlz@yahoo.com.au, Straight ‘n’ Narrow Hogs snnh@bigpond.com, and blazonsteel@hotmail.com.

words & pics by Dane KOR

Odin’s Warriors MC Inverell Bike Show

WE ARRIVED at the clubhouse at about 10 am and already there was a steady flow of bikes coming through the gate. The clubhouse was filling up quickly and I’ve never seen so many different types of bikes together in the one spot; it was something to see.

The first band was setting up getting ready to belt out some tunes (one of five bands for the day) and you could hear the bikes rumbling down the road towards the clubhouse; it was a great sound to hear.

Inside the show was in full-swing; people wandering around drinking and eating, checking out all the bikes.

There were a few freestyle dirt-bike guys doing some big jumps and stunts at the rear of the clubhouse to the cheers of the crowd; these guys were farkin good. One of the guys landed a bit hard and fell off; the crowd loved it… and we all love a good stack.

It was more like a festival than a bike show. There were marquees set up everywhere selling hotdogs, roast rolls, bike cloths and accessories, bike parts, and you could even buy bikes. There was fairy-floss for the kids and even a jumping castle that some of the bigger kids had a go at later in the day. This is a family event that should not be missed.

The bikes kept coming and coming and I thought where the fuck is everyone going to park; this place was just about full.

Just after lunch the judges went around to try and decide winners for all the categories, Yeah, good luck—too many bikes for me.

So while they were trying to judge, we sat back and listened to the bands belt out some great tunes and have a few drinks with some of the guys.

The judge’s decisions are in so Steve and Jimmy took to the stage to announce the winners and hand out the trophies to the eager crowd.

It was now time for the burn-out comp, Have you ever seen a turbo charged Yamaha Warrior in a burn-out comp? Un-fuckin-believable! The noise and smoke—fuck me, that’s my hearing gone. You’d think it would win, right. Well guess again—the winner was a regular guy to this event on a little Jap bike, but when you keep going until you blow a tyre and the tube lets go, and hot rubber goes up your back and smashes the number plate and the back off the bike, well, that’s a WINNER! And the prize for this was a new tyre—just what he needed.

So as the sun set on a great day at the OWMC Inverell Bike Show, the fourth band got underway; it was time to sit back have a few drinks and catch with the guys.

words & pics by Big Jim

Bikers Australia Wombat Rally

AS A ROADKILL culinary expert I have a fair idea of how to prepare a wombat stew. Mind you, I’ve never tried it (but only because I haven’t found a volunteer wombat dying to crawl into my pot). I assume, theoretically, that a wombat belongs to a category of edible native animals.

When I first came to Australia I’ve learned that many Aussie blokes like to eat pussies and I believed that every cat in an Australian household was intended for the same fate as pork. Every time I saw a cat my heart was bleeding. Since then I’ve learned the true meaning and I figured that eating a wombat probably belonged to the same category, except a wombat is a larger, furrier animal. As you can imagine, I was looking forward to the Wombat Rally.

I’ve been to a few great rallies organised by Bikers Australia so I was expecting a good turn-out. I was also hoping they’d organise a wombat for me.

I rode from Sydney to Bateman’s Bay and then continued to Yass where I got hopelessly lost. At one stage I found myself on the Hume Highway riding back to Sydney! After half-an-hour of swearing and riding back, I was lucky to meet up with the Odyssians and I attached myself to them.

We arrived at the Wombat Rally soon after midday and the first thing I saw was a big sign—Wombat Bride—on the building next to the gate and I knew that my prayers were answered.

There were plenty of activities all afternoon. One game, a sausage biting, was designed for the ladies and was pretty damn funny to watch.

Then it was a time to erect my tent. A couple of hours later I was still struggling with it in the dark—I don’t know what all these extra bits are for—but at least it looked like it might stay up for the night.

The band now struck up a tune and the party was getting into full swing. I decided to say hello to my bottle of rum.

As I still hadn’t seen a wombat, I wandered over to the canteen to check it out.

“Sorry, no wombats to eat,” they said, “but we have plenty of other good tucker.”

There was plenty of fun during the night—drinking, dancing, bullshitting with my new friends—to the sounds of the band.

In the early hours I eventually found my tent (which had fallen over) and I collapsed in a heap until morning.

I woke up with a headache and tried to re-pack my tent. No way all these extra bits were going to fit inside the bag—maybe they belonged to someone else’s tent—so I tossed them into the bushes.

A quick bacon and egg sandwich later and I’d attached myself again to the Odyssians heading back to Sydney.

I had lots of fun at the rally but I still didn’t get to eat a wombat. Maybe I’m just too ugly even for a large furry animal.

words & photos by Huck Finn

Rebels MC Townsville Tattoo Show

THERE’S A lot of the younger generation into tattoos and a whole new crowd of people turned up to show off their ink at the Rebels MC Townsville Tattoo Show.

Little Mick was on hand as both a respected tattoo judge and to airbrush helmets, tanks, guards, plus some canvasses that went on sale to the public. Also up from Brisbane was Peter Ward who assisted with the judging as well as Les Bowen and his boys from Second Skin Tattooing.

Many thousands of dollars worth of human artwork was on display and there were prizes and awards for both male and female tattoos, black and white, coloured, big and small, murals, you name it, there were so many categories just about everyone who competed would have picked up a prize.

Nearly every tattoo has a story behind it and there’s a lot of imagination, creativity and emotion on display. Some tattoos are in memory of loved ones lost; others are just artistic genius.

One of the underlying attractions is meeting new people or catching up with old friends. People from all walks of life you can learn a lot from if you’re prepared to take the time to listen. Most are down-to-earth everyday workers and doers. They’re not rocket scientists but often creative people who either never got the breaks in life or chose not to follow a conventional path. They’re salt-of-the-earth characters who do what they say they will.

A lot of organisation and hard work goes into a tattoo show. Danny, the Rebels MC Northside chapter President, asked Ozbike to publicly thank everyone who helped out, and finally, a big thank you to the public for their support.

words & pics by SS