Bolt-On Wind Guards for Baggers

TALK ABOUT convenient, good looking, fully functional accessories, check out these stylish wind guards from Paughco. Designed specifically for serious touring and custom dresser machines, they provide comfort, protection and a personal touch to any Road Hog.

Precision stamped from high-grade sheet-metal, Paughco Wind Guards bolt directly to a variety of FL, FLH, FLHR, FLHT, FLHS and other popular models. Finished in Paughco’s flawless show quality chrome, the Wind Guards have been one of the company’s most popular accessories for more than 30 years.

No matter if you’re into touring or just show-boating your dresser, Paughco Wind Guards are a must.

For additional details visit Paughco parts are available from Harrys Custom Bike Work in Queensland.

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