The Blue Flash V-Rod

Peter has one very warmed over V-Rod. You’ll notice the classy array of personal touches which make Peter’s V-Rod stand out from the crowd, not to mention the hidden horsepower which lurks beneath the chunky billet alloy cover on the right hand side.

I WENT into Gold Coast Harley and asked to take a Harley-Davidson V-Rod for a ride. When I saw them pushing out this amazing blue machine, I was blown away. I also felt intimidated as I had never had a big bike like this before (my biggest, a 400 cc dirt bike). Not only that, the guy I went for a test ride with, just took off. So I was thrown into the deep-end and had to learn to ride this big mother of a bike there on the spot.

But totally underestimating myself, the bike felt great and I felt very confident. Loved the ride and brought the bike soon after.

Before long I decided to do it up. I already had a picture in my mind of what I wanted. Starting with 240 big arse tyre and kit, the bike really started to take on a different character and I had the inspiration to keep going.

The next job was to change the pipes and get rid of the standard system which I didn’t really like. I took the pipes to Brisbane, got them gutted and re-baffled to get the sound that I wanted.

I still had the urge to transform the suspension, putting Progressive springs in the front forks and Progressive shocks on the back, to give me a nice tight ride.

Next I started chroming bit and pieces, as most of the bike was factory chromed. Changed the footpegs over from black rubber to CVO chrome footpegs; chrome CVO belt guards and chrome back sprocket. The front-end was pulled down and sent to Melbourne to be chromed and topped off with chrome calipers and mirrors with LED indicators.

I was pleased with the how the bike was taking shape but I wanted more power. So I thought decided to put a supercharger on board and got a lot of helpful advice from Roscoe, the head technician at TwinTech Motorcycles on the Gold Coast.

After Roscoe fitted the supercharger I put the bike on the dyno: the horsepower had jumped from the stock 94 hp to a whopping 151.42 hp. That was awesome and I’m more than happy with the result. I had to have a Kevlar clutch fitted to stop the clutch from slipping.

The bike was nearly finished but I felt like it needed something extra as far as the paint job was concerned. I made some inquiries to Richard at TwinTech who gave me some great advice and got some ghost flames put over the blue to break it up a bit—a great effect.

Finally, after two years, my bike which I created was finished.

pics by Chuck U Farley; words by Peter

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