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Brotherhood Biker Books from Amazon

GO BACK in time to the era that created the mystique of the biker lifestyle. A treasure trove of nostalgia in the form of two books that set the trend for biker adventures.

A Brotherhood of Outlaws is the most relevant novel of the seventies. Written by Bob Bitchin, it is the story of how a group of outlaw bikers banded together to twist the American Government’s tail feathers and to end the national helmet law. This is a never-dull story of what the Brotherhood of Outlaws was really like in the era of choppers.

Also, Biker, a collection of true stories of what it was like cruising the highways of America on a Harley in the 1970’s. Sturgis, when there were only about 1300 outlaws, Daytona’s original Run to the Sun, with less than 3000 bikers. See where the history of these events, and more, began.

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