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Bed X-Tender for the Pickup Truck

THERE IS no question, the BED X-TENDER is one of the most useful accessories ever developed for the pickup truck.
Originally designed to keep motorcycles and associated gear in the truck and off the highway, this unique product provides a host of benefits. Easily installed in a matter of minutes, the BED X-TENDER effectively turns a short bed into a long bed by adding 18 inches with the tailgate open.

Made of lightweight, high-strength 1.5 inch diameter aluminum, this product is both rugged and durable, simple to use, and will probably out-live your truck.

Operation couldn’t be easier. Simply open your tailgate and flip the BED X-TENDER out until the rubber stops land on the tailgate. To remove from the truck, rotate the BED-XTENDER 90 degrees and lift out.

If by chance all you need is to keep the groceries, camping gear, gas cans, ice chests, tailgate party paraphernalia, tool chests, etc, from sliding around, leave the tailgate closed with the BED X-TENDER folded forward and you are provided with a secure containment area where your goodies can be set in place.

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