BDL Compensator Sprocket

All the Benefits; half the Weight.

DESIGNED as a torque buffer, the compensator sprocket is constantly operating under extreme stress and load conditions. This harsh environment requires the kind of exceptional strength and durability found in BDL’s 34-tooth compensator sprocket, part number CS-34A. Not only does the solid steel BDL sprocket provide the high degree of capability noted, but it does it at half the weight of the stock sprocket.

A direct bolt-on replacement for the factory compensator found on 2007 and later Big Twins it provides substantially less reciprocating weight with associated benefits. Some other advantages include works with spring or non-spring style stator rotors, no spokes, ramps or bearing to wear out, and no need to purchase a new stator rotor in order to fit the CS34A.

BDL’s 34-tooth sprocket can be found at Belt Drives Limited dealers worldwide or by visiting

For EVO and Shovel owners, BDL offers the same benefits with models CS-24A1 & CS-25A1. Made in the USA.

Bdl Compensator Ozbike 2

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