Bandidos MC Ipswich City Poker Run & Rolling Bike Show

THE BANDIDOS MC Ipswich City Chapter’s annual poker run started at the City View Hotel in Ipswich where the car park was full of Bandidos members from Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunny Coast Chapters; also present were members of the Outcasts MC from Hervey Bay, Tribe of Judiah, BUACA and Guardians, as well as those just out for a ride. Everyone was enjoying the cool atmosphere while indulging in a few drinks and buying their first card.

We left the City View at midday knowing we were in for a hot day; everyone was eager to get going.

The rolling bike show was judged by Alex and Moud and they had their work cut out for them as there was some very nice machines on the ride. Harley, British, European and Jap rode out together into the hot afternoon. There were nine categories and trophies to be won later in the day.

The next stop was the Sundowner Hotel along the Warrego highway where we saw even more bikes turn up late. Around 70 bikes filled the carpark of this popular highway stop.

Only one bike refused to make it to the first stop, but the rest made the trip without any problems which is what you pray for on the day.

After everyone had a few cold ones and got their second card, we were off again.

Of course the ever popular Hydro Squad was on hand to hover around like flies to a rottin’ corpse. It’s always good to see our taxpayer’s money spent in all the wrong ways.

As we rolled through the main street of Laidley everyone young and old stopped to see and photograph the mass of bikes heading for the pub.

The owners at the Laidley pub were kind enough to organise a BBQ to feed the many hungry mouths that quickly occupied the tables and bar in their outdoor undercover entertainment area.

With everybody fed and having received their third card, we left for the last pub in Rosewood.

It was still warm as we rolled into The Rising Sun Hotel but the presence of cold beer and pretty barmaids cooled things down a bit, but bought with it the only thing we didn’t want—dark clouds heading our way. Everyone snapped up their fourth cards, talked bikes for a bit and decided to head off before the rain hit. It was coming in from the west and we were heading east so we took heed and fled, as did the Hydro Squad as I think they knew they were wasting everyone’s time by now.

About half an hour later, after coming off the Cunningham Highway, a mixed assortment of bikes and cars pulled into the Bandidos MC clubhouse, and within minutes the last cards were being handed out and cold drinks flowed over the bar.

Some of the boys burned some rubber and won a new tyre from Straight ‘n’ Narrow Hogs in Toowoomba.

Our titty girl was donated by Crossy from Warwick and she worked her arse off running back and forth.

Tribe of Judiah did the usual and bough their food van feeding the horde before everyone settled into some steady drinkin’.

The winner of the best hand went to Bunkles from the Sunshine Coast who promptly put some money over the bar. Onya!

It seemed as though everyone who attended the event had a great day but maybe next year some of you should have stayed to collect your trophies. The winners, or should I say the original winners, went early and missed out on some creative trophies made by Blazon Steel in Toowoomba. Foot handed out all the trophies and a donation to BUACA who do a shit hot job looking out for our prodigy. Keep up the good work fellas.

The party kept going well into the night with The Cow Wilson Band, and later, with the girls from Tina’s Playgirlz on the Gold Coast. Everyone was impressed with the girls on stage even the (ouch) hot wax tricks! Thanks Phoenix and Tattiana for a great show. Congrats to Butch for receiving his 10-year patch and to Dave for getting his bottom rocker as well.

We would like to thank the Ipswich Chapter of the Bandidos MC for a shit-hot day, and all our sponsors including the City View, Sundowner, Laidley and the Rising Sun Hotels, the girls from, Straight ‘n’ Narrow Hogs, and

words & pics by Dane KOR

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