Ball Bearing Pressure Plates

BDL recently released a pair of new pressure plates that noticeably improve positive feel at the lever. Additionally the redesigned plates ensure a flawless release onto the clutch pack and enhanced lock-up.

BPP-600 is an upgrade for 1990—up open belt drive kits using the standard cable system; the BPP-600-Hyd model fits 2014—up drives with the stock hydraulic clutch. Both of these are adaptable to BDL’s 1990—up belt drive kits that use the standard BPP-100A or BPP-100-HYD pressure plates.

Upgraded plates require the use of a new diaphragm spring and (2) additional ESB-750 shoulder bolts.

If you don’t think you need the entire kit BDL offers the plates, spring and collar individually.

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