Back in Black Fat Boy on Steroids

THE BIKE started life as a Fat Boy. It was originally white. I saw it in Fraser’s and it had all the forward controls and pipes and chrome front-end on it.

I thought, ‘Buy that and keep it practical.’ That lasted for about six months before I thought, ‘Nup. Put a wide arse on it!’

It’s a Scotty’s Choppers rear-end. I was gonna get the normal swingarm and have it widened but the idea I had was for everything to come to a point at the back, like the pipes, the guard, the wheels… and I wanted it to contour nicely. When I saw the Scotty’s Choppers rear-ends, I went for it.

Basically, I changed the front-end, back-end, and the guards and tanks. The front-end is an Ultima Bullet with a 7-degree rake on it.

The normal rear guard would have a big gap between the guard and seat, but we made this guard to fill in that gap. The seat-pan is actually made out of the rest of the chopped-up guard. We just glued some foam on there and shaped it with a knife.

My wife’s spewing now because she can’t ride on the back! I said I’ll save up some money and buy a Dyna with a seat on the back; have two bikes. When I had my old bike she used to love going for rides. She’s great.

It was finished in September. I bought it in September brand new and I rode it for six months, then we worked on it for six months.

Everyone asks why I didn’t just build one from scratch but I wanted a Harley, not a kit bike. I could have built an Ultima bike for half the price but I wanted a Genuine Harley in bigger proportion. When I bought it it already had 10 grand’s worth of extras on it and it was Genuine stuff. It looks more like a Softail now than a Fat Boy. My mates reckon it’s a Fat Boy on steroids!

words by Jamie; pics by Wasko

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