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AXEO Front Suspensions

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LEGEND Suspensions is proud to introduce AXEO, a new high performance front-end suspension.

AXEO front suspensions fit all Harley-Davidson FLH models from 1997 through the latest models. They are available in stock height or 1-inch lowered configurations.

The new AXEO includes two mono-tube dual chambered damper cartridges, with internal floating piston nitrogen chambers, and machined stainless steel pre-load adjusters.

AXEO provides an overall improved ride quality with a smoother and more controlled ride. AXEO eliminates front-end dive during aggressive braking and provides a firm feel for high-speed sweeping turns with no wallowing or wobble. The AXEO upgrade also eliminates bottoming out over bump or pot holes, improves floorboard and peg clearance during hard cornering, reduces tyre cupping and enhances low-speed handling.

Legend AXEO suspensions are easily installed and when paired with Legend AERO or REVO rear suspensions will give you optimum riding performance.

All Legend AXEO suspensions are backed by a lifetime warranty and are manufactured and engineered in the USA with the highest quality materials.

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