Angelina & the Hogster Viper

THE ONLY thing that is not street legal on this bike is the set of pipes. Oddly enough, once you have our own compliance licence, the decibel ratings change. When you ‘individually construct’ a motor vehicle, they can’t be any more than 80 decibels, but once we get a compliance licence, things change. Like you can buy a standard Harley-Davidson with 93 decibels. You go figure. Separate rules for different constructions.

The Hogster is running a 110 ci RevTech motor, six-speed Ultima gearbox, and a Roadmax three-inch open belt primary.

The billet spear wheels, 250 rear, are DNA; they’re pretty good wheels actually.

All the braided lines are Goodridge which are RTA approved, pressure tested and so forth.

The front-end is Ultima; the frame DNA; the forward controls are Outlaw replicas.

Hog had a lot to do with the paint on the bike. He had a mate at PPG Paints who made up the aquamarine colour and painted the tin-ware. Then Michelle at Attitude Airbrush did some designs on it.

Hog suggested we needed to make more of a theme bike out of it, so we made a sword for the shift rod, and laser-cut a dragon and wrapped it around the oil tank to make it a bit different. The final theme itself is definitely catchy…

Photos by Wall 2 Wall; words by Scott

Scott the builder on the left; our chicky babe, Angelina, in the middle; and ideas man, Hog, on the right.

Angelina Babbage

I’M a Newcastle girl originally.

The whole topless modelling is really what I love doing. The future for me would be the UK market. I’m known as a nude glamour model so I’ll be doing the Page Three stuff over there; I’ve got a few contracts I’ve already signed.

I do love motorbikes; they’re better than cars. I did own three—a Kawasaki was my first bike, and I had a GSXR 650 and a Honda CBR—but I wrote them all off.

The custom bike today was very sexy. I love the emerald green and black. I think I complimented the bike… or it complimented me.

A scary thing happened to me about two weeks ago. I got an email from a gentleman named Alan through Ozmodel. Usually through Ozmodel it’s work enquiries from photographers, etc, and this gentleman asked if I was available for a photoshoot.

I didn’t respond because I thought it looked a bit doggy—no phone number, no contact details, no references. Then about a week later I get an email from him saying that he’s bought my domain name, and he said this was a business proposal, that he planned on turning my website into a stripping site. I was devastated.

I didn’t realise the extent of it. He had actually brought six variations of my name and he claimed that if I wasn’t going to come to the party and be a part of his site, that he would find a model who looked like me to do it.

So I went to the police and it’s now a Federal Police matter and hopefully they’ll de-register the names, at least that’s the outcome I wish for.

It’s scary knowing a lot of young girls can be taken advantage of in this industry. You’ve got to be so careful, especially with your photos; you don’t know where these photos are going to turn up.

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