AC/DC Harley-Davidson FXRS

Ac Dc Fxrs Ozbike 5

THIS TOUGH looking FXRS is pretty much a permanent fixture out the front of the Sailors Grave Tattoo studio on the Redcliffe peninsula. Tim, the owner of the bike, and his lovely wife Sarah, are the owners of Sailors Grave where Tim also performs his skills with the tattoo needle.

The shop itself has housed the tattoo studio for many years but now plays host to some new and upcoming artists and has earned a reputable name amongst the locals due to the killer work that is performed in-house.

When Tim isn’t applying ink at the shop he blows away the cobwebs riding his tried and trusted Harley. This bike was built to ride and Tim does just that at every opportunity. 

Originally, the 1990 FXRS was bought from a good mate, Dave, but it has seen many changes over the years. Details of who supplied what on the bike are a little sketchy, but as you can see by the pics, not much has been left untouched. 

The stock motor was replaced with a S&S, 1450 cc, Evo-styled donk that gets the rear wheel spinning through a stock H-D five-speed box. 

The exhaust note comes courtesy of a set of Freedom pipes and the whole she-bang is held together via the original frame. 

Tim reckons the bike is more than capable of raising the eyebrows on a few ‘boy racers’ and thrives on a steady diet of eating Yammy R1s for breakfast.  

Powder-coated lower fork legs, forward controls and rear struts add to the no-nonsense theme as does the bobbed rear guard, custom bars, grips, mirrors, and strong-as-a-rock rear swingarm. 

The rear wheel is a standard 16-inch while a 21-inch front wheel got the fat spoke treatment. 

The seat is a custom-stitched, Gunfighter-style unit.

If you noticed the artwork on the tank, you could guess that Tim does ‘not’ have many One Direction or Boys To Men albums in his collection. The wicked AC/DC themed paint was laid on by Little Mick who did a kick-ass job of the highest standard. 

All up Tim refers to his bike as a “good, strong and reliable little bike,” and before I could get much more info out of him it was time to start applying ink after his morning coffee. 

So if you’re out and about in the bay area aboard a rice rocket and find yourself getting left behind in the wake of big loud V-twin, it could well be Tim and you’ve just been THUNDERSTRUCK! 

Hey, I had to get one AC/DC-ism in there somewhere! 

Thanks to Tim and the friendly staff at Sailors Grave Tattoo for the help with wrestling the bike around the studio and for cheering on our lovely model Ivy who did an awesome job of posing with Tims’ bike.

Words & pics by Chuck U Farley

Author: Skol Wiggins


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