A Biker’s Guide to Papua New Guinea

FOR many, Papua New Guinea is the ultimate adventure destination on earth; it’s rough as guts and offers experiences you wouldn’t get anywhere else in the world. With stories of ‘sorcery’ attacks and tribes of cannibals dominating the country’s news headlines, it’s got something of a fearsome reputation, which perhaps contributes to the fact that only around 5000 ‘real’ tourists visit the country each year (and motorbikes there are equally as uncommon). 

But, underneath its imposing veneer lies an incredibly warm, friendly and welcoming place for those brave enough to visit. This sparked the curiosity of Sydney based photo journalist Ian Lloyd Neubauer who has had a number of unforgettable experiences in PNG over the last 10 years.

Biker's Guide Papua New Guinea

One being the hill-climb which Ian describes as one of the most dangerous and difficult thing you can attempt on a motorbike. Nevertheless, he embraced the challenge in Lake Wanum, a blue water lake infested with crocodiles and surrounded by steep grassy hills an hour’s ride from the east coast city of Lae.

If you are interested in learning about Ian’s experience in Lake Wanum (location 5 on map) and other adventures visit his biker’s guide to Papua New Guinea.

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