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Xena Intelligent Security Lock

YOU’VE only had a couple of drinks with your counter lunch at the local pub; you’re okay to ride back to work. An old fella is standing beside your bike admiring it as you throw your leg over the seat. The sun is shining. It’s great to be alive. You start your bike—throb, throb, throb—and the old fella takes a step back. You knock it into gear, rev it and drop the clutch—the bike lunges forward, the front wheel locks, the bike falls on its side and spits you at the old fella’s feet. Damn! Forgot to remove the disc lock again, didn’t you.

Rewind and replay that scene, only this time you’re using a Xena Alarm Disc Lock. As soon as you pick your bike off the side stand, the alarm starts screaming.

“Oh yeah,” you say to yourself. “Better remove the disc lock.”

The Xena Alarm Disc Lock is also great when you’re on holidays and staying in a motel. There’s just that extra peace of mind knowing your bike’s disc lock is doubling up as a totally un-removal alarm system.

The Xena Alarm Disc Lock is available from Motorcycle Accessories Supermarket: 02-9633-1296.

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