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ThunderMax EFI Controller for all Harley-Davidson fuel injected motorcycles!

THE ThunderMax Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Controller is a replacement for your stock H-D control module. The ThunderMax Controller automatically adjusts to the target air/fuel ratio as you ride with immediate analysis and correction. Wide-band oxygen sensors provide real-time feedback at ALL rpm’s and load, from key-on to key-off for full-time AFR correction.

You choose your rev limit, idle speed, ignition timing, best target air/fuel ratio for power or economy and other settings you can’t control with other tuning devices. You can read diagnostic codes and running statistics with included SmartLink software.

Simply replaces the factory Electronic Control Module (ECM). Modular construction is pre-assembled; no wire cutting or splicing, just bolt it on and plug it in. Loading a map is a breeze; initial set-up takes minutes, not hours.

The ThunderMax Controller comes with a three-year warranty, and everything you need for future engine upgrades the first time you buy. Software, firmware, and map updates are free and available 24/7. Never outgrow it!

Rollies Speed Shop is the Australian Distributor for the ThunderMax EFI Controller so if you would like any more info please give the guys a call on 07-3252-5381; or visit Rollies online: Dealer enquiries welcome.

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