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The Sydney Tattoo Expo

THE Sydney Tattoo Expo, which was held at The Sydney Showground at Olympic Park, was blessed with the best weather you could ask for with glorious sunny days.

The Expo was held over three days, and all days were packed with people not only coming to see tattooists from all over the world, but others, like myself, entering the tattoo competitions.

There were tattoo artists from France, Belgium, Tonga, New York, New Zealand, as from all over Australia.

The Expo also bragged eight bands, burlesque shows, tattooists working, as well as body piercing being done. There was also an array of show stalls selling T-shirts, jewellery, food, etc.

Upon entering the tattoo competition, you had to pay for each category you entered which was $10 each. This I thought was a bit unfair to people who had to enter 10 different categories, which for a $100, to my amazement, was the same amount as first prize. There were no trophies at the Expo this year, possibly due to the time-frame and being the first event. I am sure next year they will be much more organised (hopefully) with trophies to put on the shelf at home. I was there for the three days and entered two tattoo categories.

There was plenty of food and alcohol available but no-one over-indulged and trouble was nowhere to be seen.

As I walked around the Expo, everybody wanted to have their picture taken for Ozbike keeping me busy for hours, which was great as I like taking pictures of people who enjoy showing their tatts and having a good time.

I was surprised to see that there were more tattooed women than men. A lot of the family orientated people were nearly all tattooed also. This gave everybody a common interest and made mingling and interacting quite easy.

As I walked around the stalls, it was awesome to see all the different styles of tattoo designs being done. I especially liked the way the Japanese artwork was done. Other designs, like Celtic, American and Maori work, along with Australian artists, gave everybody something they would have enjoyed.

I’m looking forward to next year’s Expo which I’m sure will be bigger and better. 

words & pics by Mark Yardley

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