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The Tasmanian Bushranger Bike

IT WAS A great winter’s day in Hobart but there was someone watching—the Ranger was on patrol and he had noticed the bike in the park. Sure, Disco was riding it on the grass while I took the photos, but the Ranger didn’t ask any questions—he just observed from his ute parked on the road above us. There were also people having a BBQ at the shelter nearby but they were enjoying the show.

Disco started out with a new Fat Boy, but within two days of having it home, he took it to Titan Bike & Trike to see what the boys had to offer. A few hours later and the bike was in the shop getting a face lift—it had only 200 km on the clock, just out of the box, and the good wife just couldn’t believe her eyes! She was pulling out her hair saying, “It’s brand new, Disco! You’re never happy! You boys just can’t help yourself.”

The tanks and guards were sent to Jeff Elliott at Exquisite Air Brushing for the Ned Kelly style (over House of Colours Wine Burgundy red paint) that he wanted. As Disco’s mate Bruza in Sydney has the Ned Kelly look on his Fat Boy (Issue #305), the two had to look different even if it was the same airbrush artist.

Back at the shop the bike received Big Radius Vance & Hines pipes, Arlen Ness flamed mirrors, aftermarket Harley-Davidson grips and pegs, fork legs chromed, wheels machined and chromed, fork sliders and cow horns chromed, LED tailight with a personalised number plate frame, Arlen Ness flamed gear linkage matching the mirrors, Badlander silhouette seat, aftermarket horn cover, chrome swingarm covers, chrome belt and pulley covers, and chrome belly pan.

Shaun at Titan Bike & Trike also supplied the Kuryakyn front and rear axle covers with a 35 mm rear lowering kit, chrome frame eyebrow inserts, ThunderMax computer fuel management system, and chrome switch block covers.

The worst ride was when he was coming back from a party in Launceston on a June long weekend. It was 2 degrees and with the wind chill factor it was closer to -15, and by the time he got to Hobart, hypothermia was starting to set in and he kept on seeing things that weren’t there. But the best thing after a winter is the long summer days when you can ride for 16 hours in daylight.

Disco would like to thank Shaun and the boys at Titan bike & Trike, Jeff Elliott at Exquisite Air Brushing, and of course, his missus who now smiles knowing that it may look like a finished product but there is always something extra that can go on it.

words & pics by Wayne Burrows

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