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Spit & Polished S&S Shovel

Spit has always been a Shovel man so when it came time to build his own custom, the choice for the power-plant was obvious!

I WAS HAVING a beer in our clubhouse last year after a run and I started thinking my bike, a 1978 Low Rider which I have owned since new. It keeps up with the pack but I know I’m flogging it. She deserves better than that. Why not treat myself to a new bike. I love Shovels so the only way would be to build one from the bottom up.

I was telling the story to a bloke I know, Chris Radnedge, and straight away he said, “I’ll help you build it.”

Now Chris sells used cars in Murwillumbar but always had a neat looking bike.

“Why not,” I thought, so in the next couple of weeks we sat down and planned how it should look.

I bought the S&S Shovel motor from Rollies Speed Shop in Brisbane when the Aussie dollar was strong against the US dollar; a good start.

Rusty from Bayside Custom Cycles in Brisbane had a frame for us. With the goose-neck the way it was, it gave the bike the look I wanted. He also supplied the running gear, tank and wheels.

Once we had it together as a rolling chassis, it went back to Rusty who lined it all up with a laser and fitted a few shims; it sounds easy! Due to the rear wheel being laced up 5 ml out, normally it would not matter but on a custom it was hair-pulling territory.

Next we had to dress it.

Chris Radnedge is much more than a used car salesman; I don’t think you could go past him as a custom motorcycle designer and builder. Also a special thanks to Rusty. To say I am happy with the end result would be a major understatement.

The Byron Bay lighthouse served as a fantastic back-drop on the morning we did the photos. Like the lighthouse, this bike was built to withstand the tests of time.

As for the ‘old’ girl, I am going to take her back to the original specs of her former glory as I got it off the showroom floor, even down to the leather pouch which sits on the rear sissy bar.

Pics by Jo; words by Spit

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