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Cruisin’ For Burgers

NOW HERE’S an image that has to bring a smile to the face of anyone who ever went Cruisin’.

Once again Larry Grossman has captured the very essence of those exciting days when rockin’ and roddin’ were everything, and his Cruisin’ For Burgers really brings it home! One look at this amazingly detailed, vibrantly coloured work of art and it’s obvious the creator was cruisin’ there as well.
Larry’s masterpieces capture the very essence of those bygone days that were the beginning of today’s popular hot rod culture. He creates authentic scenes of old school rods, kustoms, bikes and babes, and what’s really cool is that he can replace any of the cars or crowd with your car(s) and you and/or your gal!


Cruisin’ For Burgers At Custard’s Last Stand is available along with Grossman’s other amazing works at

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