THIS American-built Aussie chopper represents how the rest of the world sees Australia—as one big souvenir shop.

Now, let’s see: shark-fin exhaust, goanna motifs on the brake discs, boomerangs on the yellow road-safety-sign wheels, surfboard covering the open primary.

The Aussie flag gets a look in, as does the Harbour Bridge which pops up on the rear guard.

The tank has opal inlay around the murals.

There is a map of Australia including Tassie on the tank as well as a compass rose about 30 degrees out, but who would notice.

The seat is croc or maybe alligator, who knows?

The frame colour represents the deserts of Australia, etc, etc.

No creative genius in any of it.

words & pics by Dale Wahran

  • Frasers HD 417
  • MCAS 1 ozbike
  • Hoglights 2
  • Rollies Speed Shop 2
  • MCAS 2 ozbike
  • Rollies Speed Shop 3
  • MCAS 3 ozbike
  • Rollies Speed Shop 1