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Grizzly’s New World Record

VICTORY Motorcycles is proud to announce that the Swiss endurance rider, Urs ‘Grizzly’ Pedraita, has achieved a new world record by circumnavigating five continents in 119 days and 21 hours aboard his Victory Cross Country Tour.

This time INCLUDES the time that his Victory Cross Country was flown or shipped between continents, unlike other records that don’t include the transfer time. Grizzly actually rode a total of 76,277 km in a ‘riding time’ of 72 days and 13 hours.

He ended his adventure on 10 July at a celebration held in his honour at Volusia Motorsports in Florida.
At the end of the trip Grizzly exclaimed, “With this journey the spirit of the pioneers of the past has been re-established.”

The previous ‘riding time’ record was 120 days and 2 hours so Grizzly has beaten this time by a staggering 47 days and 13 hours. However, Grizzly wants his “all-continents via their longest axis” record to be listed as 119 days and 21 hours including all transfer times.

Grizzly began his adventure at the Daytona International Speedway flanked by hundreds of Victory motorcycle owners who joined him to ride one lap of the Daytona 200 road course and escort him out of town for the first part of his journey.

From Daytona Beach he traveled 6391 km in six days and 14 hours to complete the first stage of the ride to Panama City, Panama. He then continued traveling south 10,089 km for nine days and 23 hours to reach Ushuaia, Argentina. From there, he returned 3360 km to Santiago, Chile, loaded his bike onto a plane and flew to Australia where he spent six days and five hours riding 7410 km west across the continent from Sydney to Perth.

From Perth, Grizzly flew to Cape Town. He took 13 days and 23 hours for a 12,085 km journey north to Cairo, Egypt, completing the South African continent.

A ferry then took him across the Mediterranean to Tarragona, Spain. From there, he rode 8766 km in six days and 23 hours from northern Spain to Gibraltar to North Cape (Nordkapp) Norway.

Grizzly then turned east, riding through St. Petersburg, Moscow, Irkutsk and Vladivostok, during an 11-day-7-hour, 11,716 km journey across Russia; a 4-hour and 400km tour through South Korea; and a 5-day-11-hour and 4810 km ride through Thailand and Malaysia.

From Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Grizzly loaded his bike onto a plane and travelled to Anchorage, AK, before resuming his 11,095 km tour across North America through Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Chicago and Santa Monica, to his finish in Daytona Beach.

Motostyling Zurich modified the Victory Cross Country Tour used for this attempt. While the engine, frame and running gear remained untouched, other parts of the bike were redesigned to suit Grizzly’s needs as he covered long distances in remote parts of the world.

The record set by Grizzly is different to the ones set by Nick Sanders and Kevin/Julia Sanders. Theirs were world circumnavigation records while Grizzly’s was a world circumnavigation through each continent’s longest axis. By comparison, Grizzly rode about double the mileage of those record breakers covering around 76,000 km compared to 32,000 km.

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