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Lizard designs

Lizard Designs Airbrushing

G’DAY. My name is Steve May. I run and own Lizard Designs here in sunny Melbourne. We specialise in airbrushing, pinstriping, flames and graphics on cars, bi... Read More...

Motociclo Trade Profile

“IT’S pronounced “Moto-chick-low”. The name comes from the compliance plate of all these old Ducatis, Moto Guzzis, Laverdas, Morinis…it’s stamped ‘Motociclo’ on... Read More...
Sportster roadster 6

Sportster Roadster Road Test

IT WAS a seriously hot Sydney day—not the best time to be sitting on a vinyl seat in jeans and riding slowly around the inner suburbs. That was, however, exactl... Read More...

ThunderMax EFI Controller

ROB SKENNAR started as an apprentice at Rollies Speed Shop and has been working there for as long as we remember. He has done training course after training cou... Read More...