Custom Bike Features

Selected bike features from Ozbike magazine

jumbo joy

John’s Jumbo Arsed Joy

MY (hard earned) wisdom: Riding a fat arsed bike is like a riding a fat arsed woman—you just don't know what you're missing until you try it. I was visiting ... Read More...
bushranger bike

The Tasmanian Bushranger Bike

IT WAS A great winter’s day in Hobart but there was someone watching—the Ranger was on patrol and he had noticed the bike in the park. Sure, Disco was riding it... Read More...
big boar

Big Boar Heritage Reborn

IT’S A LONG story, but it was a complete bike at one stage, then it was in an accident and bits got taken off it—someone wanted this, someone wanted that. Someb... Read More...
blown Yamaha

Weapon Of Choice

THESE BIKES were designed by Arlen Ness exclusively for Yamaha America. I bought the bike brand new, and as you can see, 95,000 km later, it now sports some pre... Read More...
chopper 4 king

Chopper Fit for a King

FROM A VERY young age Marty's been fascinated by anything motorised. At the age of three he looked up the bum of a hot chook and asked his parents if there was ... Read More...
Tin Zin Qld chopper

Tin Zin Queensland Chopper

I WENT TO SC Choppers in Brendale, Brisbane, and had a chat with the owner, Picko. We sat down and went through everything. I had a bit of an idea of what I wan... Read More...