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If you’re interested in the biker lifestyle as it happens in Australia you’ve come to the right place. OZBIKE is about motorbikes and the bikers who ride them. It is about a way of life which is often irreverent, challenging, and at times outrageous.

OZBIKE is updated daily with the latest biker news, selected custom bike features and technical articles, and lists upcoming biker events in Oz. Make sure you check back often.

This website evolved from OZBIKE magazine, Australia’s original custom bike magazine. Established in 1978, OZBIKE magazine is the longest running and most respected publication of its type in the Southern Hemisphere.

If you have customised your bike in any way, we’d love to know about it. email me at skol@ozbike.com.au

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Latest Articles

blue chopper

Blue Springer Chopper

MY MATE ordered the frame, front-end, wheels and rear guard from the USA. I bought the motor, primary and gearbox from another mate. I put it together then ... Read More...
rocker C

Rocker C Make-Over

I BOUGHT this Rocker C back in August ’08 from Gold Coast Harley-Davidson as a standard bike—although it had that chopper look that I wanted for my custom proje... Read More...
clown at ozbike

Being Politically Correct

APPARENTLY it’s no longer politically correct to direct a joke at any racial or ethnic minority so try this one: An Englishman, a Scotsman, an Irishman, a We... Read More...
leg risers

Leg Risers For Softails

THIS LATEST addition to the rapidly expanding line of bolt-on Softbrake hardware from North County Customs provides passengers with a secondary foot position, f... Read More...
hand grips

Tracker Harley Hand Grips

MACHINED from billet aluminum, these grips come in either chrome or contrast cut finish. Contrast Cut grips start with a black anodized finish that is then re-c... Read More...
Harley Reverse Gear

Reverse Gear MAMBA

NOW WHY hasn’t somebody thought of this before—a reverse gear for your Harley. Great for trikes and sidecars, and for anyone with short legs. The Reverse Gea... Read More...
tattooed bars

Tattoo Engraved Bars

BRILLIANT GLOSS black tattoo bars feature an engraved flame design on exposed sections. Drilled for internal wires, these bars work with standard controls. 1.25... Read More...
push rod installer

Push Rod Tube Clip Installer

IF YOU’RE a Harley rider who plans on doing even the very basic service to your machine, this PUSH ROD CLIP INSTALLER from George’s Garage is an absolute must. ... Read More...
solo seat

Low Profile Solo Seats

THESE LOW-profile seats are constructed of high-density polyurethane moulded foam and covered with a variety of leather or faux leather covers. Each seat fe... Read More...
sand drags

East versus West Sand Drags

WITH PLENTY of prize money and pride up for grabs, teams travelled from most parts of Australia—Darwin, Queensland, Sydney, Adelaide—and even some bros from New... Read More...